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Hello, please give advice for the rest of your life

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A secret drug that causes an adverse reaction in the elderly

ring eng fruit amp; editing | guava aging is a natural law of human life.
The physiological functions of organs in the elderly are gradually degenerative changes,
which can affect the absorption,
metabolism and excretion of drugs.
It is very easy to cause a series of adverse reactions.
If the elderly or adults according to the medication experience,
do not change the medication,
it is easy to produce adverse consequences,
starting from this issue,
Xiao Bian will discuss with you the elderly knowledge of medication.
According to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia stipulates that more than 60 years old,
the dosage is equivalent to the adult dosage of 3/4,
can not increase the dosage of its own dosage.
For adults over the age of 80,
adults can only be given an amount of 1/2.
Different patients,
different diseases,
their varieties of medication,
dosage and methods are different.
Depending on the patients condition and the adverse effects of the drug.
What drugs cause a particular adverse reaction in the elderl

Barcelona won the parade players give up private party to celebrate the victory

ring ty reasons to give up Barcelona victory parade La Liga Atletico in the battle intensified,
tragic reversal,
Barcelona and Real Madrid win the last round of the game under the condition of ultimate ownership of Barcelona and Real Madrid in the final round of performance will determine the Spanish champions.
After the 37 round of the league,
Barcelona ranked first in the League at 88 points,
followed by Real Madrid by 1 points.
The final round of the competition,
as long as Barcelona away with Granada,
will get the La Liga champions.
According to the daily sports newspaper news,
Barcelona official decision has been made,
for security reasons,
even if the team beat Granada,
won La Liga team this weekend,
and will not hold Championship parade.
This weekend,
Barcelona will hold two large-scale activities,
rock star Bruce Springsteen will hold a concert at the Nou camp.
In addition,
the F1 Spanish Grand Prix will also be held in Barcelona,
which will have a certain impact on urban traffic in Barcelo

This artifact is the European Cup this summer.

ring e alternation of day and night,
the world and the most beautiful sunrise and sunset,
because the combination key black and white keys,
musicians play the most perfect movement of poetic life,
daily call to religious life.
A lot of facts have proved that as long as we find the right pair,
our life will be more colorful.
In May 20th,
the homophonic I love you is the annual watch day,
and many young couples will enter the marriage hall on this day.
With the heat of the bridal market,
the entire appliance industry will usher in a new peak sales.
how to choose more suitable for their own,
more cost-effective appliances,
has become a quasi new peoples troubles.
Getting married,
recently busy buying appliances,
visited several stores,
it is a flower eye,
especially TV,
4K TV,
ultra-thin surface quantum dot TV concepts seem technology are advanced,
too many choices,
but do not know what to buy.
Some people told reporters.
Such worries also represent the aspirations of many newly

What can we learn from SF's death and live?

ring ing content,
click on the above topic we concern electricity daily source: Tiger sniffing network Author: huxiu148 a few years ago in the face of the massive growth of logistics services providers,
electricity supplier logistics Wang Wei proposed such a view: now SF business logistics is dead.
SF is not doing electricity supplier logistics,
the future may also be a dead.
This point of view from the emotional color should be a kind of pessimism,
but after a few years in the past,
this year whether SF plan in airport or self ready market,
have shown positive SF live positively,
live better.
In a few short years,
how did SF change from a pessimistic view to a positive and active one? Whats the meaning behind such a process? Lets analyze it today.
why did Wang Wei put forward this view at that time? Mass order means the increase of income,
can bring the development of the company,
one of four links which is not relying on the delivery of electricity supplier growth and expansion,
and SF i

In what case, the company WeChat group, in addition to their own are liars?

ring on: I walked the longest road,
is the liar routine! Wuhan,
a private enterprise accounting is a female chairman pulled into the new WeChat group,
in the group of 6 people are colleagues,
she never thought that the WeChat group,
in addition to their own,
is a liar,
a big scam is waiting for her.
Yesterday (12 days),
Wuhan police Hongshan Metropolis Daily reporter disclosed recently the new telecommunications fraud case: liar by cloning WeChat group,
imitate the work scene layers of bedding,
the victim will step by step into the trap.
the police responded quickly,
informed the relevant bank stopped 800 thousand yuan.
The subtle scam turned out to be a step by step.
The general manager pulled her into the new WeChat group,
and Ms.
became an accountant in a private car company in Hongshan,
6 pm this month,
3 pm,
the general manager of the company to add her as a friend of WeChat,
and she pulled into a WeChat workgroup.
A total of 8 members of the group,
6 of whom a

How to improve your EQ?

ring ng,
little fool,
the costume drama palace scheming,
the heroine Liu Sanhao always adhere to the good things,
good words,
good intentions the purpose of behavior.
Yao Jinling and her sister in order to survive,
to the palace intrigues and suspicion people in compliance with the rules of the game,
from easy to evil.
Friends around him think Yao Jinlings image is more grounded.
For the first time,
negative figures are so popular.
Our side,
there will always be some EQ super high people,
they can easily cope with all kinds of embarrassment,
solve all kinds of situation.
Juno: talk about the canteen today should be how to improve your EQ? (the following message from the reader) we see how Kevin Tsais speech I think not speak less,
to speak DASVDNIA honey every day smile although EQ nothing changes but the people around you will feel a high EQ grunt little monster first you have to finish second smart loss remember high EQ is basically up slowly understand hey huh ha ha ha ha Z not from someone