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sport headphones Guangzhou temperament black 13 hours use evaluation.txt

Guangzhou temperament black 13 hours use evaluation

Discuss Well, this morning, received the goods Guangzhou temperament black 13 hours of use evaluation

To help a friend buy, arrival in the morning at 8 points to close, opened the package, phone box has been opened. I do not know why first of all, just had the phone can get our hands on feel the surge of cottage feeling, especially to get a headset. I may be used to htc G14. But have to say, I used to think htc expensive, but htc does a lot of effort up and down in these details of the phone and the headset, charger. The texture is really big v can not be compared Secondly, we looked at the screen, the screen attached a very bad film, should not be a formal film

Protective film. I later tear, looks very clear, whitish overall, as well as mobile phone stoop

, As it will seriously cast around and looking up sport headphones will not cast a bit like the previous domestic machine. But the general point of view

, Then no problem. Screen effect or a good camera, 800w pixels, not clarity, but also the partial white photo shine out very low saturation and very white

Open wifi, software. An Bunny rated various software trial over 5300, almost with g14. But

Fluency than my g14 this very quickly, so I was pleasantly surprised it simply, the advantages and disadvantages are as follows:

Advantages: 1, cheap 2, very smooth 3, high-performance, various 3d games no pressure, volume, domestic machine

That is, the volume

Disadvantages 1 screen. Whitish, overlooking serious color cast, other angles ok, the camera does not work, whitish. 3, attached

Send headphones too cottage

Find it troublesome and not on the map above is the feeling of the trial today, the whole, is quite satisfactory, at least no other serious problems, call SMS Internet of what is normal. It is smooth, but dead machine. Screen from the normal angle of view is good. 999 price to buy is still worthwhile.

street by 50 headphone Earphones damage hearing experts to teach you to use MP3 health.txt

Wearing headphones damage hearing experts teach street by 50 headphone to use the MP3 health

Xinhua News Agency BEIJING, March 2, Ta Kung Pao Li Qiping March 3 is National Ear Care Day, this years theme is prevention of hearing loss and deafness, the right of everyone to the enjoyment of healthy hearing. So, how in the details of life to protect their own hearing it?

According to the reference reports, Clinical Audiology Center of Beijing Tongren Hospital, Department of Otolaryngology, Chen Xiu Wu Zhuren unhealthy earbud headphones to listen to music, such as MP3, is a potential threat to the ear may Some street by 50 headphoneng people often listen to music before going to bed wearing headphones unknowingly fell asleep have no shutdown Zhengsu, so strong or mild but persistent sound long-term stimulus to the human ear, may lead to cochlear microcirculation, and to cause feelings sound in the cochlea hair cells and spiral nerve injury, and ultimately lead to noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus was also a long time to use the headset to listen to MP3 or Walkman, due to the excessive pursuit of sound effects turn up the volume too large listen to the long time, so if the occurrence of a noise source placed in their ears, super sound direct effect on the auditory system, long-term exposure to high-intensity noise under the ear, over time, will enable part of the human hearing loss appear to noise-induced deafness Chen Xiu Wu Zhuren said the mild noise-induced hearing loss in the incidence of early if they can get rid of the noise environment, symptoms will soon disappear; However, if the hearing is still no significant improvement in two weeks -8 weeks small hope of hearing recovery. About 80% of the people only tinnitus in noise-induced hearing loss early onset of symptoms, there is no clear deafness chief complaint with the progression of the disease, some patients will feel particularly afraid to hear the big sound, seriously, hear the strong sound that feels the ear pain, once they discover that they have the above symptoms should immediately separated from the noise environment, to get rid of the noise stimulus, at the same time go to the hospital for a positive examination and treatment for the early resumption of the hearing Chen Xiu Wu Zhuren also said that every individual is different sensitivity to noise about 5% of the population is susceptible of noise, such people should pay special attention to noise protection, to avoid the occurrence of noise hazards. However, this does not mean that people can not use headphones to listen to MP3, but rather to learn to use health. Headphones listening time should not be too long; headphones to choose a good quality, small noise, the volume can be regulated freedom and flexibility, timely adjustment event sound too large; musical sound can best control in less than 80 db to comfortable musical is appropriate, once the sound more than 85 Fenbei -90 dB, noise protection standards formulated by the state that is more than easy to produce injury.

earphone reviews Edit the level of God Tucao headphones fever sector to install 13 fast Advanced.txt

Edit the level of God Tucao install 13 fast Advanced earphone fever sector

The headset user groups which, a considerable part of the state of mind with earphone reviews, I do not like. Note, I said absolutely not a case, such user is not a minority. May be the improvement of living standards, at the same time to solve the problem of food and clothing, this will happen, no way, big woods, what birds are!

Loaded 13 crowd, this is an attitude that is a duty, but also a sense of mission. Others do not understand, I understand, others will not, others did not come out I can, others can not do it I can, ah, to is this satisfaction. This is the only first look for the equipment. Headphone is a gas field and history, as one looks very experienced old burn, do not listen to what Sennheiser, AKG, beyerdynamic, Goethe, a word, vulgar! ! ! These production brand look put earphone reviews identity exposed, large laity a foreign flavor did not look. Limited edition, coming to listen to the iron triangle of LTD, B P5 suede earmuffs, B FORM2 the anniversary color commemorative edition, not necessarily to be too expensive, but it must be rare. Rookie ask earphone reviews how about these headphones casually say: Excuse me, did not catch the excess production of things, not to make a comparison, pro- earphone reviews grade sublimation must not only a headphone to the bulk of headphone sea tactics. Closing used various headphones corpse, from the forum, but the appearance remains intact, especially the custom, on the kind of variety of shapes is not the same lump of plastic, looks reveal professional. When rookie weak weak to ask earphone reviews, brother, I can hear earphone reviews headphones? You want to bother to answer: This is not earphone reviews kind of thing, I was the only one to wear on the custom, after all, is XXXX something, or professional point. When the rookie will admire the five-body cast, in fact, he did not know because the the corpse Headphones fever sector simply did not install 13 fast Advanced

Mixed major headphone forum, be sure to grasp the latest news of headphones to avoid conversation with others eluded capture. But do not just speak in various forums should the recent events Shulan in mind, when someone asked to see how earphone reviews XX event, earphone reviews have to calmly said: I just help XX a small small idea, I did not expect to cause such a big movement, I said not to mention me, I behind the army, division tablets green leaves. Wow, instantly installed 13 index burst table for headphone models certainly can not say that the Shure E5C or Shure E3C, that is the only rookie when he says that, it must use the Big 5, 3, the Etymotic ER4P more to be cordial called small 4, this will be showing their fever years old, as well as the degree of familiarity with the product. , Etymotic ER4 series must P, B, S must be collected after pictures on them to do the background, and must be red and blue, the black version is simply weak burst. Red and blue version crack pipe how to do ? Big Brother, brought loaded 13, Who told earphone reviews listened to! ! !

Headset the fever installed 13 Guide - listening papers

Having the equipment, we talk about listening fashion to note 13. Listen to what the most important most unusual national wind? There is no mistake, if earphone reviews have this idea, our article is not written to earphone reviews, earphone reviews are only suitable for an archaeological finds, before there was crowd. We loaded 13, and definitely do not rely on these things. Classical, be sure to classical. Various marches, overtures, X song gave the original disc I put on the CD must be, must be original, must be painted cannon with old man, others see do not understand the kind of cover UE18Pro custom earplugs

Listen nothing will certainly need to fuss update various signature microblogging campus: 1812 really cannon boom look really scary if I had hundreds of thousands of front-end, simply unable to control the low frequency ah! In an instant, earphone reviews sublimate. Do not write, then cattle X Chopin also talk about the sadness I could not pro, did not understand the normal, and I did not understand, but do not understand do not write it, we installed X session hated this are out, earphone reviews leave earphone reviews last!

UE18Pro custom class earplugs

When others Tasting XX paragraph headset must be humble. Masters Well, humility can help earphone reviews bring more impression scores, but also allows others to admire earphone reviews. Put on headphones, gently close my eyes do revel like, be sure to listen to the whole song can make evaluations, to seem earphone reviews listen very carefully. Remember, do not fall asleep, do not fall asleep, classical this thing easily make people drowsy. Asleep demerit points, shouted, drooling, earphone reviews do not pass the custom class UE18Pro earplugs

After listening, we must review must let the rookie dizzy listen: may be due to the relationship between the public electricity, heard not the same with my family a little violent for low frequency, the gorgeous high frequency not I hope , it is estimated that with thermal power generation, if another day is wind power is estimated to have improved. hey, I said, this environment is not given the uncertainties are too many variables headphones fever loaded 13 Guide - environment piece

Finished equipment and listening, lets talk about the environment, is the laearphone reviewst of the listening room. Conventional, entry-play equipment, advanced to play the wire, only the high-end players will only play space, loaded 13 is probably so large ones. The laearphone reviewst of the environment must be antique, cup of tea that is necessary. Headphone rack, which is the most simple things, Nanhai Huanghuali get several headphone holder, Rosewood shelf to put earphone reviews CD the root carving Shenma No, slightly vulgar. Is probably what standard? Well, headphones shelf than some headphones expensive, this is fundamental Sennheiser HD800 headphones

Single talk about CD shelf, it is best to be able to mess CD shelf in a wall, all albums all put up. If the funds are really limited, downloaded from the Internet several album covers, print out stickers above, but only at the corners, or easily be seen as Goof, throw the dead. Specific earphone reviews want to get the power and grandeur, large grass them how to get what earphone reviews would have ended up, it feels like: Poison, German flavor, Masters, learning the Sennheiser HD800 headphones

In addition, the Shenma power purifier, shock absorbers, power cord, like Less, in order to look at the professional, put up feedback suppressor. This useless ah? ! Hey, or how to say earphone reviews loaded 13 do not pass it, earphone reviews, no one knew he was not on this place, at least those lights flashing Para Para, looks professional.

small wireless earphones Headphone harm.txt

What are the hazards of headphones

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Headphones to listen to music what harm?

Now people increasingly high demand for the spiritual and cultural life, many high school students especially liked music, often on the way to and from school, also carried a miniature tape recorders to listen to songs. Physical development so that students do not benefit the miniature tape recorders headphone volume output about 84 db in general, some of the high-frequency range can reach 120 decibels. This volume is great especially on human ear nerve stimulation, prolonged listening to cause hearing loss, there will be severe neurasthenia. The person wearing the headset, the mouth of the outer ear channel headphones firmly plugged almost in occlusion state. High volume audio sound pressure directly into the ear, concentrate delivered to the eardrum on thin, there is no point cushion, the auditory nerve is stimulated excited very easily lead to auditory fatigue often wear headphones to listen to music, but also caused some systemic discomfort, noise will make people feel Touyunnaozhang, a long time will cause inattention sensitivity and memory loss, so that the reaction of the students thinking, and some will appear irritability, lack of patience abnormal psychological and emotional reaction especially The musical accompaniment is mostly electronic, treble and bass very different, pop songs and compared with imaginative, so for a long time to wear headphones to listen to, the more adversely ear nerves and body health. Wearing headphones to listen to the audio are concentrated the little earphones vibration-chip, centralized the eardrum to accept audio effects than loudspeakers, and along with the ups and downs of the music, the spirit is always in tension. The same time, the close proximity between the earphones diaphragm eardrum acoustic propagation range of small, focused stimulation of the the eardrum auditory nerve. Wearing headphones long time, this negative stimulus can cause head pain, memory loss, insomnia, and even ear left lingering affect normal hearing addition, experts also believe that, due to the childs eardrum, ears bone, and inner ear hearing fragile cells, prolonged the treble stimulation, will atrophy caused by hearing loss. Therefore, stereo music is also unsuitable for children often listen. Radiation, the Bluetooth headset is safe to speak from the perspective of headphones, long-term wear headphones, the excessive volume be human ear hearing damage, of course, not a long, loud using headphones but Bluetooth headset The volume is adjustable, it is generally transferred can use the volume small wireless earphones can hear the sound of her voice, do not have to use too much volume followed by general calls and listen to music using a Bluetooth headset for both purposes. The hearing did not affect the key issues that people listen to music with headphones, this population is prolonged, continuous use headphones to listen to, and individuals like oversized volume play, this would certainly damage the hearing. Outdoor mobile conditions, there is nothing better to enjoy the music. Listening to music with headphones used for many years, so everyone personal experience to outdoor listening to music distress. Radiation of mobile phones in the end how much harm to the human body, and how to minimize the extent of the harm, become mobile phone users are most concerned about the problem. When people use mobile phones, mobile phone transmitter base station to transmit radio waves, radio waves more or less will be absorbed by the body, these waves is mobile phone radiation. General, mobile phone standby radiation small, large number of radiation during a call, and the phone number has been allocated but not yet connected, the maximum radiation, the amount of radiation is about three times standby. These radiation may change human tissue, have an adverse impact on human health. 1, should not be placed near the head. The head of mobile phone radiation on human hazards cause functional disorder which affects the central nervous system, causing headaches, dizziness, insomnia, dreams and hair loss and other symptoms, some facial irritation. Therefore, when using a mobile phone to promote the use of headphones, because the use of headphones can effectively reduce the impact of mobile phone radiation. In addition, try not to use the phone chat, also be careful not to put the phone on the pillow when sleeping. Brain cancer caused by long-term use of mobile phones at home and abroad have many examples. 2, many girls like the phone hung on the chest, but studies show that cell phone hanging on the chest, heart and endocrine system, electromagnetic radiation can also affect endocrine function, leading to menstrual disorders. Even smaller radiation standby phone around electromagnetic radiation will cause harm to humans. Heart failure, arrhythmias with particular attention to the phone can not be hung on the chest. The general phone equipped with shielding devices, to reduce the harm of radiation on the human body, aluminum, better shielding devices protective effect of lead and heavy metals. For aesthetic but the girls tend to choose a small cell phone, this phone protection may not be enough female friend is best not to put the phone hung on the chest. 3 male friends rarely have the phone hung on the chest, but generally are not at the waist or his pocket. Not good then, most men headache is mobile phone radiation may affect male reproductive function ~ ~ ~ recommended the use of mobile phones as much as possible when the phone far from the waist, abdomen, do not hang the phone around the waist or placed in a coat pocket in. When in the office, at home or in the car, the best mobile phone set aside. The phone when they go out on the purse, so far away from the body.

wireless headset Education Channel cheating headset into my ear good hard out.txt

The Education Channel cheating headset into my ear good hard out

The examination must be to strengthen self-discipline, and for the safety of wireless headset body, do not want to dishonest cheat the afternoon of January 13, the First Affiliated Hospital of Xian Jiaotong University School of Medicine Outpatient Department of Otolaryngology and receive two special patient, said special because A miniature wireless receiver headphones stranded in the external auditory canal, and difficult to remove. Such patients admitted in the hospital recently to more than a dozen cases, and they are all college students, this miniature wireless receiver headphones are used to cope exam only in English, CET the afternoon there are six people in January In the morning of the 14th, the reporter saw the First Affiliated Hospital ENT inpatient department has just been taken out of two mini wireless earphone headset itself has a magnetic adsorption tightly together, but even so, they are also red bean size. Distinguish a headset diameter is only about 3 mm, such as a match head, smooth appearance, like a miniature button battery. Look small, but, according to the use of the students, the reception is still very good. ENT Shao-Qiang Zhang, deputy director, this miniature wireless receiver headphones are students into the external auditory canal, simply do not see from the outside, if it is to the ear canal wide student, or can be taken out, but if the ear canal is narrow, it will be difficult to remove. This disease he had never encountered, until the end of 2006 found. This headset often and cell phones, walkie-talkies used in conjunction with continued preaching, Shao-Qiang Zhang, deputy director of the event phenomenon difficult to remove the user first do not panic, can go to the nearest hospital immediately, to remove cerumen hook with a professional, can not remember their own rapacity, miniature wireless receiver headphones deep into the ear canal, it will cause the ear canal inflammation cause further tympanic membrane perforation induced otitis media, hearing loss, can also lead to serious hearing loss. Remind the majority of students at the same time, this miniature wireless receiver headphones dangerous fact, to wireless headset ear safety Do not use newspaper as early as December 23, 2006, reported that students buy cheating, unscrupulous traders are using The cheat package means to sell cheat electronic products and test answers phenomenon. Now is the time period, continue school exam, gave the market profiteers. On one hand, the market supervision department should intensify combat the phenomenon of illegal sale to students cheating tool, from the source of governance; schools and teachers, on the other hand, should also step up publicity in the exam early, put an end to all kinds of cheating.

street by 50 earbuds Ear God ES801B headphones Sale.txt

The ear God ES801B headphone Sale

The people advocating unfettered free life, to popularize Bluetooth technology, people are not satisfied with the shackles of a wired headset in the headset field, more and more people like a Bluetooth headset. Ear of God as the well-known audio manufacturers, the launch of a high-quality Bluetooth headset - ES801B Bluetooth wireless stereo headset, it looks stylish, lightweight portable folding design, support Bluetooth V2.1 EDR technology, stereo high quality sound , is a very good headset products. The headset market reference price of 239 yuan, interested friends can know more about. Transparent packaging design ear of God ES801B headphones, street by 50 earbuds can visually see the headset itself, the back of the headset parameters. Headset itself, the overall appearance is very simple, smooth shape, shining metal texture processing technology, providing a rich black, pure white, sea blue three colors to choose from, the color matching whatever street by 50 earbuds walk in the streets, or in coffee Museum, street by 50 earbuds can become the highlight of the fashion. Stainless steel metal wearing PUR software combines advanced design concepts, wearing comfortable high the ear God ES801B headphone, and very wearable, not easily deformed. Inner arm built ingenious stretch deconstruction of stainless steel direct injection molding, very solid, free tensile structure makes the wearer more comfortable. Portable varus folded structure, can vertically rotate 180 °, rotation around 90 °, so that the product is very easy to carry, according to the head shape can be positioned freely angle, to reach the desired comfort. The headphone configuration for high-fidelity sound horn unit, frequency response range of 20Hz-20KHz, brought the shock of hearing to enjoy a six-key the ear God ES801B headphone button to make the product function fully realized through this case, street by 50 earbuds can adjust any of the features of the headset, and bring street by 50 earbuds the percentage one hundred perfect listening experience. Support Bluetooth V2.1 EDR standard, has a very good compatibility allows the headset easily paired with a Bluetooth-enabled devices, including PC, mobile phone, MP3, laptop, tablet computers, can easily connect the effective transmission distance of up to 10 meters. Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery, with a strong life, and up to 10 hours of continuous work time. Xiaobian Summary: the headphone ear of God ES801B stylish, comfortable to wear, sound superior, collapsible portable, supports Bluetooth, users from wire constraints, enjoying wireless music world. * Ins hn / Wei Cheng

wireless microphone headset Cry of the child Naichi.txt

The cry of the child Naichi

The 1. Cry of the children Naichi. Many the salesman started doing business when, often full of energy great find customers to send samples, put in a bid not know how to do, and often come to naught. In fact, wireless microphone headset should keep asking him, wireless microphone headset single when wireless microphone headset keep asking him know the results so far, in fact, procurement is and so we asked him cry like children, we know how he hungry?

2 should be fishing not sprinkle net. The most effective and comfortable in running the business is a fishing method, as we just started chasing girls, do we also chasing a few girls, and then in Bo, he has an adult? We will go spotted a dried up and give up the pursuit of her until it succeeds. Run in such a way that my own business, I would select the right one industry, for example, I have to do the headset industry, I will pick three industry about really serious to attack him, until the do go in the future on a good do. Etc. so that wireless microphone headset account for a 80% share in the headset industry, other industries, we then go copy it, like fishing, sights, a one of the fishing very comfortable. Bold, but cautious thick-skinned. When we are wireless microphone headsetng, chasing girls, big point to tell our experience is: bold, but cautious, thick-skinned. In fact, doing business is like chasing girls. Conversation result is not important, the atmosphere is very important process. We in and procurement chat, often very attention to the content of the conversation, saying that the no topic, in fact, we have to note that the course of our conversation and atmosphere. If we talk very pleasant day, and harmony, our feelings will be very close in many days, we back often forget is the time to talk about what, just remember the day we talk very well. In fact, the procurement is also the same price we will have to give him a Quote, quality quality acknowledged book to him, delivery will be stamped and signed back to him, so as long as we can and things outside of the business, and talk him am interested in the best 5 must have a trial period. We do not suddenly do great. Difficult to maintain after the freshness of love at first sight and married, we should give time to customers and we look at each other credit, services, etc. 6. Doing business not too proud. Business to do down to receivables when a lot of people will think I procurement then cooked all day long chase his models feel embarrassed. So little recovery section or not chase chase a few did not catch up with the fact, we want to get the money to have the commission take wireless microphone headset Qianzhaihuanqian justified, if wireless microphone headset owe too much to give him, wireless microphone headset The business also do not prolong it. I generally chase shall not ask him to arrange, but that ** Sir, wireless microphone headset week 3 arrangements for the payment to me, I pick up that afternoon, and sometimes he would say, not that day, then I say, then Tuesday Lo, he is often said Wednesday the line Xieyanmache think later write, or what wireless microphone headset experience, but also to write out abreast with learning and common progress. Best to let him thinking about wireless microphone headset, doing business as in love, we can not be about the time after the meeting to expect others to marry wireless microphone headset purchase is forgetful, we have to constantly remind him carefully, there are several points:

Own before making customers should be careful to understand all of the customers. Such as his before and who to do business, that is, wireless microphone headset competitors are, know that wireless microphone headset can quote and make countermeasures. Understand why the customer will want to do business with wireless microphone headset, if others refused to supply to him, then we can ask him to do the cash, he certainly will be paid, if the opponent reasons, such as poor quality and high price, service bad, wireless microphone headset can make the appropriate countermeasures to deal with him. If wireless microphone headset have to do in certain areas than the opponent so to tell wireless microphone headset to do, wireless microphone headsetll figure out how to do the customers should always pay attention to the topic of the customers like and his hobbies, he likes to talk to him some more attention to his every move, wireless microphone headset can match up to pull 3. about salesmen itself. Many people think the salesman is best tall, handsome, the clerk must eloquence good, articulate, his mouth can spit the oil to be called good eloquence. Clerk must smoke, who at any time with the smoke, everyone that faction. The salesman must drink liquor, beer, thousands of cups not inverted. In fact, I feel that these are not important. For me personally, my height is less than 160MM, just started running the business was very low self-esteem, speak not smooth, let alone eloquence good. I never smoke, drink up to a bottle of beer, and multi-point drunk but Qinnengbuzhuo, I just ran the business in Huizhou, beginning three months, I take a few pieces of clothing to the wireless microphone headsetnger brother of Dongguan factory a run is a few days. An industrial area, an industrial area ran. In this way, I go three months, the customer also ran down a few, but rotten pair of leather shoes, black people like black carbon head. I now opened their own factories, and I often salesman, the first three months of not days, survived after the business office outside the factory. Businesses want to kickbacks. This is the biggest headache, I also Ali made some posts about rebates, the friend keep abreast see people see wisdom, a rational. Everyone interested can take a look at my personal idea is to try not to give rebates, even if it is difficult to do go, do not go. If we really do go with the quality, and the price customers, services and so on in a good point if the opportunity to do a little more. Do wireless microphone headset think wireless microphone headset can never satisfy the heart of procurement it? If wireless microphone headset product is a great advantage, and others is to give rebates, it is difficult in the product on the high-value, and the procurement of life is very short, he is gone, others often easily with cheap come in 5. single salesman fried. I also made a lot of posts, there are a lot of people talk. Personally, I think-the-job, do not fry single us how to do an honest and a man of principle, churning does not give wireless microphone headset increase the amount of additional income, but will engage in nervous. Really have a skill, wireless microphone headset can venture out upright myself, so let others serve wireless microphone headset.

completely wireless earbuds Compensate for iPhone4 defects.txt

Compensate for iPhone4 defects

Abstract: With the growing culture of Apple iPod players has become the users preferred listening device. Large-capacity, multi-function, the sound quality is excellent characteristics of the Apple player. But from another perspective, the iPod player also has many shortcomings. First of all, the iPod player EQ has been the peoples heart disease.

With the growing culture of Apple iPod player has become the preferred listening device users. Large-capacity, multi-function, the sound quality is excellent characteristics of the Apple player. But from another perspective, the iPod player also has many shortcomings. First of all, the iPod players EQ has been the peoples heart disease, not only fail to provide users with a variety of listening change, but also to break the sound so. So, in order to change the sounds of water apple Danru style headphones tend to change is essential to the sound of the iPod player is very plain, low-frequency effect is not very good, in the selection of headphones may choose a low-frequency slightly stronger and easy-to-drive headphones. Of course, if completely wireless earbuds do not like the low-frequency, want to hear the clear voice in the choice of headphones do not pick too straightforward style, this may make the sound more shriveled, is not conducive to the ultimate performance.

50 cent street headphones Earphones for a long time prone to otitis media.txt

Earphones for a long time prone to otitis media

With the development of science and technology, our lives gradually improved. Many modern electronic products the rich idle life of many people, a lot of people will be bored when plug in headphones to listen to music, watch movies. Renowned the ENT experts say, susceptible to otitis media then headphones for a long time, a long time to wear the headset susceptible to otitis media is kind of how it?

Listening to music with headphones for a long time, will listen to stimulate nerve endings, cause auditory nerve excited, likely to cause auditory fatigue, coupled with headset close to the tympanic membrane, can sound signal increased by about 9 db, a long time will damage the eardrum control the volume, and take care of 50 cent street headphones ears clinically proven, the sound of conversation is 60 decibels, hearing can withstand the strongest sound of 90 decibels, so experts suggest that 50 cent street headphones wear headphones to listen to music is best controlled at 60 db sound less, if more than 60 dB in the range of 90 db, as far as possible the time control in less than half an hour to know if otitis media wrap through headphones 50 cent street headphonese in trouble, otitis media caused by tinnitus has hearing loss only It endangers one of the most worrying complications, before the complications, the patient often no sense, but if there is, then the condition is often heavier, some even life-threatening, such as it can lead to extracranial concurrent disease, the emergence of various abscess as subperiosteal abscess behind the ear, temporal muscle abscesses, canal wall abscess, abscess in the local palpable soft mass, swelling, severe pain, and fever. If the treatment is not timely, abscess spread to the neck caused pain in the neck rotation, there will be serious destruction of the specific circumstances of the great vessels of the neck on the headphones for a long time susceptible to otitis media to introduce here, hope 50 cent street headphones can through this The articles have a more clear understanding of otitis media, if 50 cent street headphones finish reading the content can not understand the problem, 50 cent street headphones can consult our online disease experts.

sms sync by 50 cent HTC announced its withdrawal from the Brazilian market to adhere to the high-end route in case of sk.txt

HTC announced its withdrawal from the Brazilian market to adhere to the high-end route in case of skinny reality

HTC, still in the global market of triumph last year and at the moment the situation can only describe with the word embarrassing. The patent litigation successive HTC more and more like a small daughter air splint in the North American market. Days in the the smartphone emerging markets - South America, HTC also appears to be the same distress June 23, Brazilian media exposed HTC cancel One series of products launched in the country plan to end all mobile phone sales in the market, and the corresponding reduction of in the local employees. HTC subsequently confirmed after analysis of sales data, the company decided to withdraw from the Brazilian market, the status of the Brazilian market is increasingly important for mobile phone makers. Last year, smartphone sales in the region grew by 179 percent, accounted for 10 million of new equipment. And analysis and forecast to 2016, Brazil intelligent machine sales will surpass Britain to become the worlds fourth largest smartphone market in spite of HTC in the local market share behind Nokia, Samsung, Apple, according to city research institutions StatConter data show Sony, LG, Motorola, RIM and ZTE. The first quarter of this year, HTCs smart phone market share of only 0.11% when people are constantly talking about HTC first quarters dismal performance, the time has unwittingly come to the end of the second quarter. Although the latest data is still not announced, but there are signs, HTC in the last 100 days is difficult to form a breakthrough earlier this month, HTC expects the companys second quarter revenues of approximately $ 910 billion New Taiwan dollars, or about $ 30 billion U.S. dollars, down 13% compared to the April 24 forecast of 105 billion yuan NT. The company will also be reduced from 11% to 9% operating margin. HTC is also the second time in three quarters of the most recent announced a reduction in the expected HTC CFO of Zhang Jia Pro said weak European market performance is mainly due to lowered expectations, to postpone the date of shipment of the U.S. market also had an impact on the performance of foreign securities companies Avian Securities analyst: aggressive pricing measures in the European market due to Sony, RIM and Nokia, and cause them to face intense competition, and economic environment for all enterprises constitute a challenge.

However, in November last year., HTC CEO Peter Chou was also excited to publicly announce HTC in the United States has nearly a quarter of the market share and become the first U.S. smartphone vendors as early as April this year. Although about 7% of the market share, so that HTC can still keep a little emboldened, but in the face has been Samsung and Apple have divided up the 99% of market profits, HTC and Nokia, Noto Rolla, RIM and other smartphone manufacturers in fact, already has long been out of the first echelon from Europe to North America, suffered a midlife crisis HTC fronts continue to fall. The abandon Brazil, although a bit sudden, but has already been signs in the emerging markets of Brazil, the annual growth rate of close to 180%, Apple, and Samsung hold on the high-end sector, ZTE, Lenovo, Nokia and other manufacturers by virtue priced at $ 100 around low-cost intelligent machines also get a lot of local fans. Price about $ 200 HTC before the withdrawal, the market share of the harvest is only 0.11%, Chou recently in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, he said, HTC intends to occupy the emerging markets, but at the same time will not production of cheap low-end machine. This has not HTC senior first position in the near future resolutely ONE Series range of smart machines products launched this year from last year, spending huge sums of investment digital audio providers Beats, not low-end machine, can be seen HTC uphold the high road s determination in the face of reality, HTCs beautiful vision extremely embarrassed. The outside world but also expressed concern about the future of HTCs October of this year, Apple introduced a new iPhone, HTC will face the double whammy of Apple and Samsung, the outlook is difficult to be optimistic about China Mobile Internet Industry Alliance Executive Vice President Lee easily accepted by the Central Peoples radio station interview that the lack of basic compared to Apple and Samsung, HTC glory days. Li Yi believes that Apple is to the application from the cpu, hardware design, the operating system should store retail stores are their own. Samsung has the whole industry chain integration capabilities, ability on the supply chain, procurement costs can be very low. Contrast, HTC either Android or Microsoft to pay licensing fees. The hardware part is also commissioned a series of setbacks in the global market, the foundry also let HTC had made a strategic shift, and is seeking to get more returns in the Chinese mainland market. But HTCs predecessor Dopod founder Yang Xingping HTCs prospects in the Chinese mainland market, said Yang Xingping worried that several major carriers in Chinas blind pursuit of thousands of smart phone HTC price is relatively high, this policy can not help them. And there are a lot of Internet companies do mobile phones, most of them are domestic OEM cooperation, not to make money on the hardware, through binding of cell phones and value-added services, hoping to rely on the service to gain on HTC great impact HTC Beats audio technology, and is equipped with the popular magic sound headphones won a lot of attention, but in fact, consumers in and do not want to buy it. Domestic gray market, for example, I recently discovered through visits, most parallel distributors HTC is divided into two versions sales, one with the magic sound headphones, a with ordinary HTC headphones, the difference between the two is often in the thousands yuan, this polished HTC and other brand products on the price gap, so as to stimulate sales.

street by 50 in ear Cost-effective headset will replace speakers.txt

Cost-effective headset will replace the speaker

The current trend to simplicity for the United States for the fine, lightweight, can be seen from the past bulky traditional HI-FI speakers to popular in recent years the development of thin micro speakers. Today there are more and more multimedia speakers shape have been designed to be very small, but in everyday life, the speakers use also subject to many environmental factors ...... well-known speakers there are these embarrassment can not be solved: occupy a large space, the speakers the sound is easy to interfere with the people around, and not be able to protect their privacy. The headphones more cost-effective, compared with the same price of the speakers, the sound quality of the headset to be much higher than the speakers, especially in the signal-to-noise ratio, the headset is inherent advantages!

According to the survey, however, most of the crowd focus while using a computer headset or an appearance, is the sound quality is good or bad, consumers may feel good speaker sound quality requirements than the same price, and the sound to have a certain personality, long Since Chinese users or more emphasis on bass. The appropriateness of the final price for the family of domestic users the ability to accept price for household-type PC headset often around $ 200, too expensive tend to be dominated by enthusiast.

over the ear head phones Eight Chinese suppliers into Apples supply chain to share Apple 2.txt

Eight Chinese suppliers into Apples supply chain to share Apple 2

25, 2009, when a huge global industry chain, many processing enterprises and industrial workers from China, but only received a small piece of shriveled iPhone5 huge profits cream cake. 156 Apple iPhone this on behalf of the star of the top level of world manufacturing products made in China again revealing short board and embarrassment 8 suppliers from China

In the early morning of September 13, iPhone5 mystery Grass Art Center in San Francisco opened this moist the phone has a thinner body, lengthening of the 4-inch screen, use the IN-CELL technology Angela 002,635 USI Electronics 601231, BYD 002594; listed in Hong Kong but the headquarters is located in Mainland AAC Technologies; yet listed Kunshan Changyun, Tianjin Lishen, Blue Synopsys, Suzhou panel electronics. In addition, the Legislative News the precision 002475, Jinli Technology 002464, Desai battery 000049 as well as the the Shandong GoerTek 002241, has also been recognized as the industry is important to break into the Apple supply chain accessories suppliers. They are mainly for the iPhone touch screen assembly, battery, headphones and assembly projects no doubt, be able to enter the global supply chain of Apple, which means there will be the opportunity from the the star product sales of the iPhone, iPad, iMac and Apple, to obtain sufficient orders and stable and sustainable income is the under the the apple industry chain aura driven, the A-share market, Apple stocks once out of the last two weeks to a good market, stepped out of the word limit, which is headquartered in Weifang, Shandong the GoerTek, Leybold Tech 002106, the law continues to higher-IN-CELL touch screen the Apple manufacturing technology standard, the listed company will be difficult to keep the position in the apple industry chain is precisely because in China at Apple the industry chain embarrassing exist, even despite seeing the ups and downs of a difficult growth of the ups and downs of Apple after Apple suppliers recognized by the market, the stock appears significant growth GoerTek, but frequent outgoing executives of a large number of reduction holding the message, leading to a wave of an A-share holdings. Despite this, the directors do people GoerTek said, the company executives intensive underweight, normal financial behavior to improve their lives and not see an empty future prospects. However, analysts in the market, so massive cash, easy to let the market produce company executives lack confidence in the future development of the enterprise concerns, and the value of their investment generates doubts GoerTek this is not typical of a case may be illustrates that, now, no matter how many Chinese companies squeeze into Apples supply chain, China the manufacturing still can not get rid of the weak position in the world industrial chain; unable to prove that the transformation and upgrading of Chinas manufacturing really started. Perhaps only when Apple is starting to focus on future products from Chinese enterprises and supply, China has truly stood on the pinnacle of the world industrial chain.

earbud EdifierM212 the Edifier headphones offer.txt

EdifierM212 Cruiser headphones offer

Comfortable to wear, this ear design shape possible with the heart, although the look is a ordinary earplugs shape, but estimate it into the curvature of the part of the ear may have been designed to calculate and comfortable to wear, not squeeze into the ear loose, stickers and good resolving power on the side, in line with the price. Low the shortcomings only for me personally, that is IF enough lucrative, may be due to the long-term use of the Edifier H500 with a long time sake, earplugs IF the extent and H500 difference, so I listen to the vocal feeling when singing or speaker singing or speech, listen to earbud nose. meet the price, compared with the Edifier H500 IF seem thin again, compared to the Sennheiser PX100, MX500, MX360 is also true, Ruoyu purchase, be aware of this.

50 cents headphone Headphones Area.txt

Headphones Area

Panasonic export products to China since 1978, to the Chinese export a variety of products and parts. On the other hand, it also provides a color TV and AV appliances, such as refrigerators and other household appliances production equipment and technology, to promote these products, the localization process. September 1987, Matsushita Electric in China Beijing for the first time set up a joint venture company. After this, they have set up a sole proprietorship to a wide range of areas of communications equipment, image, audio, semiconductor production equipment from home air conditioners, washing machines and other household appliances. Joint venture until December 31, 2004, has set up a joint venture owned enterprises amounted to 61. The products have won praise. Matsushita Electric was able to get todays development, mainly due to the following six aspects as the guiding ideology of a joint venture company. Offered welcomed by the Chinese local career

best audio headsets Each brand Qi Sword upcoming new machine in August outlook.txt

Looking upcoming new machine in August each brand Qi Sword

This GD910 fact, before many phone show has emerged on the shape of the watch, it is equipped with a 1.43 inches 26 million color display, the user can directly touch screen, either dial-up or function points election are very convenient, while its 176 x 220 pixel screen resolution in fact there is no difference between and many ordinary low-end phone configuration. Of course, while this phone is small enough body, but its function can be described unambiguously, MP3 players, TTS voice reading and other functions are fully equipped, and the front of the screen and even placed a 10-megapixel camera, the convenience of users in 3G make video calls in the network. , GD910 also conducted a waterproof design, and therefore has a greater practicality. The E72 follows from the appearance of the E71s appearance contours, smoother body lines, user control feel is also improved. It is still equipped with a 2.4-inch horizontal QVGA resolution display, function keys below the region With minor adjustments, which increase the optical mouse navigation key for many intelligent machine lovers there will be a great attraction. The back of the fuselage is still using the stainless steel back shell configuration, but the camera has been upgraded to 500 million pixels, these let us feel the the machine real upgrade E72 uses the Symbian 9.2 S60 3rd edition FP2 platform, 600MHz clock speed of the an ARM11 processor and 250MB memory space, allowing users to run on the machines performance with greater expectations. The E72 First, strengthen the performance is not good on the E71 entertainment features, the machine supports direct playback of MP3, WMA and AAC audio files and 3GP, MP4 video files, a 3.5mm standard headphone jack placed so that the user can be used with more good external headphones to improve the sound quality of course, the capacity of 5-megapixel camera, imaging results are substantially improved. Business intelligence applications, E72, in addition to the continuation of its predecessor in the e-mail system and other functions on a good performance, it also added a digital compass function, and built-in Google Talk and Nokia Ovi entrance, directly, and even joined the gravity sensing flip mute function Recommended products: Sharp SH6120CT licensed version Sharp has unconsciously become the purchase of choice for many best audio headsetsng women, the large clamshell has been widely recognized, and the next Sharp continue to play in the use of color, , we recently Tianyi activities propaganda which saw the figure of a customized machine Sharp, this model best audio headsetsng users are crazy for SH6120CT with dazzling color, best audio headsets know it in the Japanese domestic market, up to 24 colors version, the domestic mainstream, if not its full introduction, there are ten a variety of colors is also enough to purchase those scratching while the same time, the overall shape, SH6120CT closer to the traditional Japanese style, although because of the positioning of the relationship, The machine only Mobile ASV LCD 2.4 inch 26 million color QVGA resolution, but taking into account the portability and price, SH6120CT can already be said that the best choice for in 3G custom machine on the market of best audio headsetsng friends. Although compared to the Japanese mainland version less WCDMA network support CDMA2000 1X EV-DO network user data transmission efficiency is also useful to ensure, together with the operators vigorously promote the Xiuwaihuizhong SH6120CT will continue Sharp phones competitiveness in the domestic 3G custom machine on the market is also expected to emerge quickly summarize: five products have different characteristics and positioning is expected to be listed in the August, after all, the moment the competition is so fierce market, accurate market segmentation and a selling point to build almost inevitable product to be successful. Among these models, the two vendors, Nokia and Sharp even more realistic, the launch of the product has a lot of arcade elements, the LG watch phone to have the meaning of the concept, the actual performance of the market is actually and You do not need to hold out much hope. Overall, users will get more choices, the next market is still full of Aspect.

headphones with microphone Fierce battle to take this to the European Cup SUV, recommended four European descent.txt

The fierce battle to take this to the European Cup to recommend four European descent SUV models

Morning Evening News, a daily dime Recently, the European Cup four-year term of the grand opening. 2012 European Cup has attracted the attention of football fans all over the world, the tournament fighting also affects the fans of each team every nerve. Europe is not only rich football star, repairer technology and car brands in Europe is second to none in the world. European SUV, the smoke of the European Cup, fierce war, small also did not forget to go along for the ride, and take this opportunity to introduce several classic. Recommended models: Peugeot 4008

Country: France

2012 Land Rover Range Rover Aurora 2.0T 5-door Yao Chih Edition

Appearance, the new Range Rover the aurora Evoque design inspiration entirely from the LRX concept car design is unique in that the front face of the ultra-modern styling. Cross-border style prominent in the design, in fact, the full front face intricate lines, although they are basically the level and balanced manner, but still distinct layering. Abstract air intake grille embedded in the front face, engine guard to give people more cross-border feelings Range Rover Aurora headlights also unique personality, xenon headlights momentum is compelling, rich in the simplicity of the front face of lethal with LED fog lamps with a look with some complex but never messy 2012 Land Rover Range Rover Aurora 2.0T 5-door Yao Chih Edition

Power, the Range Rover Aurora equipped with a brand-new gasoline engine part is a turbocharged 2.0T Si4 engine with direct injection technology, the maximum power output of 240 hp, equipped with AW F-21 six-speed automatic transmission . Meanwhile, the car is equipped with MagneRide adaptive dynamic suspension and full-time four-wheel drive, the Terrain Response system ensure excellent off-road performance.

50 cent head phones Computer plug in the headphones after.txt

Computer plug in headphones after

1, check 50 cent head phones headphones are not bad, 2, open the Control Panel ---- Add New Hardware ---- Next When the search is finished, the point whether,

I have not yet been added to this hardware, click Next in the dialog box that appears, select the Click Finish

Close no computer restart to add new hardware. Note here that the shutdown and then start

Rather than restart. In general, after a reboot, the problem can be solve, right-click My Computer ---- Properties --- hardware ---- Device Manager to open

Sound, video and game controllers there are any problems, that is, to see the front yellow ? If so, uninstall it first appears, and then into the CD drive disk, reinstall the drivers for this device, if Device Manager ---- Sound, video and game controllers there is no sound hardware

, Then had to find 50 cent head phones sound card, integrated sound card, the models must accurately find the sound card,

Then put the system disk drive, install the sound card drivers 5 sound but not see the small speakers, open the Control Panel ---- sound and video

The equipment ---- Volume, Place volume icon in the taskbar before a check mark, restart the task bar

6, no sound and no small speakers and small speakers, open the Control Panel ---- Add and Remove Programs ---- add remove

Windows components, into the

CD drive tray, accessories and tools before playing checkmark, click Next, the system will be prompted to install

New hardware, follow the prompts to install to 7, also can not solve the problem, then had to re-install the system and the driver, all asked

The questions will also be resolved, but the premise is that a variety of hardware intact, the software does not conflict 8 AC chip could not find tips, possible computer poisoning appears when installing the sound card driver,

Or sound card plug and play loose, resulting in poor contact may also be due to irregular operations, mistakenly deleted the sound

Card driver, or the internal software conflict. For different reasons, it is necessary to step-by-step 9, 50 cent head phones can gently tapping the computer fuselage shell laptop lid

When the usual hard slightly larger so loose parts recovery, after waiting for a period of time after shutdown

earbuds headphones Compatible the mainstream Bluetooth device innovation WP.txt

Compatible the mainstream Bluetooth device innovation WP

WP-300 headphones and no blind spot design, users might ask if how to identify left and right orientation in a dark environment. Do not worry, though no blind spot to identify, but cast in the right ear of the headphones, not only have separate volume adjustment button, as well as play / pause, fast forward, rewind and the design of the power button, so that we can quickly identify left and right orientation and convenient operation.

The headphones use a soft sponge ear pads while wrapped in the outer layer of the cortex, comfortable to wear while the increase in the entire pair of headphones gorgeous. WP-300 with a half-closed acoustic system, communicating with the outside world, the sound quality to restore a natural, even if listening to music on the road is also very safe. WP-300 has a built-in lithium battery design mini USB charging port at the bottom of the left ear muffs official parameters 1 hour full power power LED indicator on the earmuffs, and the sustainable use of 8 hours, very to the force. The Out Line iPhone4 listening to music, earbuds headphones must select the WP-300 in order to achieve the headphone out loud.

The first is known as the New Star of the Century Liu Gang - Night Flower, the the music burst poignant the ear immediately affects the author heartstrings. Song prelude to musical instruments realized mainly zither, piano, guitar, flute, staggered to know each other, the strong part of the infection of the human voice. But innovative WP-300 is no pressure, high-resolution 34mm drive unit, and a variety of instruments and voices separation clear layering richer.

Next Lupins Liu Liang Heron - this song is the theme song of Taiwans film Lupins, Jenny concert all the rage in the early 1990s, to become the classics of the popular songs in praise of motherly love. Now by modern singers sing the times classic songs, there is another flavor. The WP-300 performance excellent, wide sound field, full of intensity, the strings of the instrument outstanding performance, transparent sound quality, sleek, plump and have a sense of space, distinct section Minato layering.

The first is the voice of one subwoofer said Zhao - Boat sound, beginning affects my heartstrings, fine water gurgling drums magnificent. Zhao aesthetic in the low-frequency male transfer earbuds headphones ear, vocal and instrumental performances separation clear, 34mm drive unit to the drums sounding strong performance, dive depth, not messy. The rich layering instrumentalist performance is also very good. WP-300 is deal with it smoothly, tri-band balance just right, people a clear separation of voice and instrument, filling completely Adele heartbroken soul music style.

PS: WP-300 is currently only paired a device, other devices can not connect a device pairing is successful and connect up. Functional operation is also very convenient, earbuds headphones can enjoy the music of the pairing is successful, and sustainable work about eight hours, the basic keys for a variety of users.

50 cent ear phones Headphone cable wraps computer package instant computer stolen.txt

Headphone cable wraps computer package instant computer stolen

At 7:20 on the 28th, a female passenger in the Tianhe Road, preparing to board a bus for a 91 another male passenger headphone cable, happens to be wrapped around the zipper of her bag filled with laptop ... ...

The female passenger sitting two stops, the car to the crows Chen station, bus captains Xiao Yin Gang opened the door, he heard screaming: My computer was gone. Car length quickly Parking view the situation, and see just down the male some suspicious passengers in the car, when seen from the rearview mirror wrapped around the mans headphones in the package of the female passenger who did not care at that time, this computer female passenger throw suspected male passenger maximum. Xiao Yin said: The passengers got out a few people help out, to catch up with the man to ask. Then 50 cent ear phones take the lead chase. Probably chasing the 700 meters, the thief entered a family member courtyard, the passengers gone Xiao Yin launched in the room and look around. Sure enough, the family member courtyard of the bushes to find a dusty computer.

sms sync by 50 cent Edifier stylish home audio Big Show.txt

Edifier stylish home audio Big Show

As industry experts expect the acquisition Cruiser terms, will be obtained in the high-end headphone brand a very favorable market commanding heights, thereby further improve the the Edifier brand architecture, open the a graceful new situation in the light for the future development of headphones under the unique sense of modern art and design the Ramblers 002,351 home fashion sound, accompanied by the melodious and elegant classical music, listening to music from renowned music maestro Sambo, Lu Siqing experience ... September 5, autumn afternoon in the capital, in the

Tangible design show the invisible Music charm. In the field, Cruiser bookshelf speaker from the high-end professional, fever level to the process design, fashion modeling crawl public match the headset eyeball kinds of home audio, and ears, Cruiser so that people feel a tangible the music visual feast It is understood that, in the end of 2011, the Ramblers were the first since since the company was founded acts of a proposed merger, a wholly-owned acquisition of the worlds most leading the electrostatic headphones brand - Japan STAX. Media friends like music: the STAX brand reputation and influence in the sector of headphones are absolutely first-class, top electrostatic headphones STAX Series products, audiophiles dream headphones As industry experts expected: the acquisition for Edifier obtained in the high-end headphone brand on a very favorable market high ground, so as to further improve the Edifier brand architecture, to break new ground for the future development of the headset.

ear wireless Headphone family protect your hearing.txt

The headphone family to protect ear wireless hearing

Hearing 18000 receptive hearing cells in the inner ear noise damage has hemorrhoids What kind of medicine they are about 0.01 mm in diameter, ciliated cells susceptible to noise, once damaged, can not regenerate. According to statistics, the work environment productive noise of 100 decibels for 40 years of work has, noise-induced hearing loss prevalence issued 41%. When already are in the MP3 and other portable audio player, even listen to rock music at low volume, its volume has been more than 90 db, and sometimes even the eardrum to accept the noise issued 115 db. Also, the players headphone multi plug in the external auditory canal, all of the noise energy concentrated in the ears, its greatly increased risk. If the eardrum is long-term repeated constantly receiving noise stimulus, and ultimately lead to permanent hearing loss due to the irreversible loss of profits of the auditory cells. Force protection listen Taobao customer site, away from the noise to protect hearing, should stay away from the threat of noise. Usually watching TV, using the computer for audio and video entertainment and other time not too long, the volume Xi Posay net pox Seamless Digest condensation official website should not be too, and let a long time to plug the headset in ear wireless ear to listen to audio. In addition, vitamin B1, B2, B6 and C hemorrhoids how to do to protect the auditory cells, may be appropriate to supplement. Also eat more Taobao containing vitamin B group and C-rich foods, such as flour and rice, lean meat, eggs, fresh vegetables, fruits, etc.

Old, various portable player unprecedented prosperity, MP3, MP4 music phone to make our lives more exciting, and also so that we are hearing more and more weak.

the best wireless headphones Edison scolded reporters talking about the Feng Chi Chuan Cecilia hand secret evidence counterattack.txt

Edison scolded reporters talking about the Feng Chi Chuan Cecilia holding secret evidence counterattack

LONDON, June 15: Since Edison re-met Cecilia on January 8 aircraft, both because of the self-timer sensation before he went to Shanghai to attend the activities to avoid talking about Feng Chi divorce, returned to Hong Kong on Sunday to see the media waiting still stink face turned a deaf ear to the right, right for all issues. Reporters pursued the way, Edison collision with reporters, the spot freak scolded after betake Four Seasons Hotel. Recently there have been news that Cecilia Cheung recently pass to bring two sons hid in the Four Seasons Hotel, believed that the two met the chances of the self-timer on Edison Chen and Cecilia Cheung machine Although it is not only the main reason leading to Feng Chi divorce, but accelerated Nicholas Tse divorce determination, self-timer event occurs more than one month on Friday, he went to Shanghai to attend the event, asked Cecilia, only the back: Im Edison, not their Feng Chi.

He back to Hong Kong Sunday, wearing headphones off, the face of a large number of reporters asked Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse divorce issue, he pointed to the headphones: can not hear! And then walked away, the way inadvertent collision with the reporter, he immediately flushed, pointing to the reporter: Hey, how do the best wireless headphones like this! reporter to apologize to him, he enraged continue scolded: we have to each other, I hit the best wireless headphones punch Sorry Even yet I hit the best wireless headphones can write five days, the best wireless headphones hit me when all right!

Bai Zhi shook Peru certificate at any time to fight back

Feng Chi divorce storm to yesterday, 28 days, outgoing Cecilia before with two sons went to Malaysia to Nicholas Tse admit, even to quite her father-in-law Patrick Tse Yin for help, but Nicholas Tse has decided to divorce mind, passed on her yesterday ready two programs, the first to do their utmost to rescue the marriage, if failed, will open on-hand evidence, she intends broke the news to the outside world, the open hand evidence counterattack Nicholas Tse camp allegations, including Retrieving explosion she drained the Nicholas Tse hundreds of millions of net worth, as well as to Nicholas property to her name and charges, the right to maintenance and Nicholas Tse strive two sons. Nicholas Tse yesterday to continue filming in Kuala Lumpur, the reporter asked him, Cecilia, he turned a deaf ear to the of Nicholas Tse dedication in gun

His side despite the marriage is facing edge of the rupture, Nicholas Tse yesterday still stay focused against the war shooting, shooting yesterday in Kuala Lumpur, Fengjie, deployed more than 10 police officers to maintain order, bodyguard also increased from four to six, so the reporter can not close, the reporter stepped forward to take the opportunity to say hello to him, but he heard this, he immediately turned around and asked her Cecilia is in Kuala Lumpur, he pretended not to hear does not respond after camp assistant expelled reporters yesterday that he shot in gun play, and from time to time, a look of earnest discussion with staff , finished only breathe a sigh of relief staff laughing, Feng Chi divorce spread so far, they neither come forward to explain the day before yesterday, Cecilia is finally online response: The innocent children getting in. What is the best wireless headphones bottom line in life? conscience it?

50 cent in ear eat purchased to play message board.txt

eating options to play the message board

I bought a pair of sandals, and buy back the weather is not too good, it has been wearing. When to wear the next day when the laces on the broken, to find a salesperson consultation is also good, the attitude of the salesperson said to consult about. My intention is to want to change one pair could be responsible for the staff in this matter, he is sure to say that I wear too serious, can not give change, the reason to see that this has been through, not when the processing of special shoes, only to repair. It is depressing! Do not wear how do 50 cent in ear know there will be a problem? Wearing course will wear! Contradiction! In fact, my intention just want to solve the problem, but when the people responsible for this saw the shoes I worn my gas in a moment. After it comes not solve the problem on to find the manager, they gave me the answer turned out to be their direct leadership of president! Is simply an insult to the intelligence of consumers! Malls trained customer service staff do not know it? The last them referrals to the leadership that gave me fight fare do not know is not the president of referrals, no way will endure. Im not a customer service, I think that such a big mall should do a good job training for customer service staff, should allow customers to cool down in the problem-solving process, rather than letting the customer anger in the street in the the Shenyang New Mart shopping and leisure Square store to buy Apple MP4 headphones to buy a week, this is not, Later, the key is not spiritual, wanted to make do with it, this the three months neiping broken. Go to the mall and demands a change, malls say security, allow 50 cent in earself to identification, saying what artificially crashed. Is how 50 cent in ear say how rational and broken internal screen that human bashed, the outside Diaoqi 50 cent in ear that excessive use, key failure usage problems, bad headphones 50 cent in ear say to 50 cent in earself tearing, I really want to ask Are 50 cent in ear going to be able to Paul, what kind? What if the software is broken 50 cent in ear also must not say that I was poisoning! Mall, how really angry first is condemned to the manufacturer, so refuse to sell things to customers at all irresponsible now so cautious consumer when how manufacturers; sold to customer product not a negative point of responsibility, what the customer is God, are shit, know the price of the mall than twice as high outside hope that 50 cent in ear buy that little protection, enables customers trust to buy time, I did not expect not as good as in outside to buy! Cheap bad not throw a pity, 50 cent in ear simply shit! I hope to give me to understand the answer, or complaints in the end, at least let the people behind and spend less time and money!

computer headphones Headphones bad repair.txt

The headphone bad computer headphonesself repairs

Some experience dedicated to want their own maintenance headphones friends

Repair headphones before I introduced several headphones maintenance of common sense or skills! With these computer headphones can basically make things right for a relatively simple problem, the premise of computer headphones ability to operate stronger!

Tools: soldering iron, solder, file, knife, lighter, universal table, two brothers, 502, pliers, heat shrink tubing

The flux production: rosin inflicted powder, mixed in accordance with the weight of more than 25% of rosin and 75% alcohol, packed in a small box that can be sealed alcohol is likely to be volatile.

The earphone unit positive and negative judgment: a pad of the positive and negative electrodes of the unit behind the judgment depends ear unit general pad behind will be marked, the positive electrode will have a distinct color marker small cell, or engraved on the circuit board , - mark large cell.

The left and right channels of the judgment: Usually the two of the same color of the negative electrode, a positive electrode of the different colors for the left typically blue, green, right typically red channel. Measured by the judgment of the left and right channels available universal table plug tip is left channel, right channel in the middle, and finally about the shared pole.

Plug sheath removal: skin soaked with hot water and the plug after the win good headphones will plug part with this protection the wire buffer design, and then knocked off the plug behind the plastic with a knife. Expose the welding point.

Demolition of the shell: the general shell with similar to 502 hard glue bonding. Some to design humane use similar sticky prison soft glue to bond. Open the shell with the hard glue some friends with turpentine soaked shell, glue dissolved. I generally take soft glue slowly opened the way to dismantling. The risk of removing the enclosure, and even broke the unit if accidentally broken shell! Such as Mx400 500 glue wiping more maintenance beginning my friend help me apart several.

Welding: I use the temperature control soldering iron, not a long time in welding plug welding, to avoid high temperature, the plug inside the plastic deformation, resulting in deformation of the plug external contact is not very good. When inserted into mp3 so very difficult, if forced to insert even would damage the mp3! Welding unit to do fast, stable, quasi these points is to protect the diaphragm, so as not to pad stability too high to cause deformation of the diaphragm, the reason to do!

Insulating paint insulating paint removal: the appearance of the headset wire has a layer of insulation, which guaranteed not to mix line. Some friends like torches insulating paint burned, I do not recommend this, in while burned insulating paint will wire oxidation, increased resistance to affect the sound quality.

The first thread in accordance with the direction of their own distorted tightening on the electric iron rosin online coated with a thin layer of gum rosin, the coated solder and then use the soldering iron to hot thread, straight thread coated with solder, such insulating paint easily knocked off and will not oxidized wire.

Wire fracture: wire fracture the headset unit is divided into the roots, the bifurcation of the middle part, headphone plug part. These types of cases can change line maintenance, so the easiest way, but there are varying degrees of drawbacks, if computer headphones select the original line is the best way, but the price is very expensive! But the The original wire blind changeover then alter the sound, change the style of the sound. So I have the most common approach is the maintenance!

The headphone unit of disconnection: the disconnection the way for the headset unit end is the shell apart in the internal re-welding, the benefits of doing so can be restored to the original appearance of the 95% to 100%.

The bifurcation of the rupture: the bifurcation of the fracture can be put on with heat shrink tubing wind until reduced to be consistent with the original line. The premise of doing so is to disassemble the unit or plug. Generally speaking, I choose to disassemble the unit, the plug will be involved in the said later, trouble Sok!

Disconnection of the plug part: the plug the partial disconnection maintenance method is very simple, remove the skin, to distinguish between positive and negative, the left and right channels, do a good job after welding, as long as computer headphones remember to disassemble the case would not be too much trouble! See How to plug rind demolition

Voice coil inside the break: This is a maintenance headphones since most do not want to face things, to repair the most trouble than this! ! ! General earplugs unit to prevent the unit voice coil coil disconnection line with glue stick to the the David membrane, although at the expense of some of the sound quality, but this is not to protect the voice coil playback severe vibration Zhenduan, so basically not This happens. This case are basically in the demolition of the shell by cutting the line, I do not recommend this is the practical ability is not strong friend Do not disassemble the shell reasons. Well, do not say nonsense into the topic.

First, computer headphones want to find the break, the tweezers gently clip, wound in the opposite direction along the lines of the line drawn to a certain length, line on the outside of a vacancy at the. The Note must coil the line with a little glue stick David membrane avoid being Zhenduan. Then close the unit and magnet wire bonding pads. Previous detection methods detected positive and negative, good welding line on it!

Diaphragm repair: If the headphones murmur to break the sound muffled and so we consider the problem of the diaphragm.

Maintenance diaphragm is the greatest risk of a practical ability is not strong friend, I do not recommend computer headphones get this!

The first is to open the shell, has been introduced earlier will not say more here. If computer headphones find that the the shock membrane surface folds, open the shell of dust, small iron slag and other foreign matter, can both sides of the plastic wrap with a toothpick, little by little, glued down on it!

If the diaphragm appears damaged, generally do not take the servicing practices, even if repaired, will more or less affect the sound quality, who says it will not, computer headphones can use all kinds of way to kill him, ha ha, a joke! If computer headphones want to repair, then coated with a little glue on the tip be sure to try the less, and then coated in breakage of doing things must first be a good position, straighten it.

sms audio 50 cent headphones Earphones for a long time equal to the bacteria.txt

Is equal to the bacteria headphones for a long time

With the popularity of smart phones, bus, subway, many people used to plug in headphones to watch the video to listen to music. Recently, an online microblogging 1 hour headphones, ear bacteria multiply 700 times scared a lot of friends. To this end, the reporter took two headphones into Peking University Hospital laboratory, to do a comparative test of the Dr. Sun Liying its surface bacteria content. In the street, the reporter randomized 20 people past a small survey, found that among the 20 people, 15 people usually wear headphones, in which 13 people every day wearing headphones over 1 hours. For how long pair of headphones for cleaning, no one said he would clean the headset. Are their own use dirty to go?

Well, a long time to wear headphones to listen to music watch videos, right headphone cleaning, bacterial counts on the headset will happen what kind of change? True, as said on the microblogging multiply 700 times? The reporter invited Beida hospital laboratory Sun Liying do a set of comparative tests demonstrate. Bacterial indoor sampling detection

Test material: two from disappeared drugs headphones

Test Location: Beijing University Hospital laboratory

Test time: 48 hours

In this trial, the reporter prepared two headphones, one ear Apple headphones, including the helix that use headphones card itself does not probe into the external auditory canal. Another headset ear headphones can be directly inserted into the external auditory canal and the ear canal skin contact Dr. Sun bacterial chamber, to come up with a reporter went already prepared appliances: swabs for sampling sampling tube and bacterial culture dish. Dr. Suns first experiment earbud headphones, a headphone disinfection another intact. Subsequently, she was injected into the two swab 5 ml of 0.9% sterile saline. After smear swab swab two headphones, the Dr. Sun these two put the swab swab, and get the oscillator on the half minute oscillation. The purpose is to allow the bacteria on the swab can be uniformly mixed in physiological saline after After shaking, the reporter saw Dr. Sun from these two swabs, 0.5 ml of each solution, and the drop in the red medium. Was showing red, because it contains the components of blood. Dr. Sun said the sampling process for another vice-ear headphones, the Dr. Sun on the surface of which a headset. Subsequently, the reporter wearing other headphones began to experiment. After listening to the music of one hour, the reporter took the headphones he followed Dr. Sun came to the bacterial chamber. Two headphones were sampled after Dr. Sun these five inoculation good petri dish into the incubator for bacterial culture. Headphones 1 hour bacterial growth 3.5 times

After 48 hours of culture. Yesterday, reporters once again came to the Beijing University Hospital Laboratory. Dr. Sun 5 dish was placed in front of reporters. Reporter saw five petri dishes, three dishes have the white spots. These spots is formed colonies after 48 h incubation. Reporter noted that the two that did not generate colonies of the petri dish or showing a bright red, there is no difference between before inoculation. Look petri dish at the bottom of the mark, the reporter found two Petri dishes did not generate colonies were white colonies on the headset twice sampling by the number of Petri dishes after disinfection, reporter found no earbuds disinfection, in The number of colonies in samples collected before wearing only four, to wear After 1 hour, the sample number of colonies reached 14 bacteria 3.5 times. Without the higher the number of colonies on the disinfection ear headphones, reached 110. Dr. Sun told reporters that the bacteria split time was about 20 minutes. Therefore, in accordance with the speed of calculation, wearing headphones 1 hour, the bacteria multiply 700 times above saying it is exaggerated, actually breed only 3.5-fold. Therefore, from this perspective, the earphones will accelerate the Dr. Sun bacterial growth, the types of bacteria in the small number of colonies that two petri dishes common skin staphylococci. For a number of colonies more types of bacteria on the bird petri dish, the Dr. Sun doubt that these bacteria Staphylococcus aureus virulence. You see, in the medium around the colonies have become transparent from red, indicating that there have been a phenomenon of hemolysis. Dr. Sun then brought Staphylococcus aureus detection reagents to detect the test result is positive, with pathogenicity. The headset must be cleaned regularly

For the adhesion of bacterial species on the headphones, the Dr. Sun and personal physical. Dr. Sun recommends Although most of the headset bacteria on the human body is not, however, for health, headphones or regularly cleaned and disinfected. Cleaning methods can be used with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to gently wipe the surface of the headset, sms audio 50 cent headphones can achieve good disinfection effect.

stereo bluetooth headphones Holiday travel necessary five fashion folding headphones recommended.txt

Holiday travel essential five fashion folding headphones recommended

PChome the CNET audio channel original Mid-Autumn Day, eight-day holiday is really go out to play a good opportunity. The journey is long, the only music how to spend our time on the road. Earplugs now due to its compact size, won the favor of friends often go out. From our normal listening habits, however, because the headset unit design larger, so the sound of the headset restore more real, the width of the sound field and the broader tri-band performance is more appealing, and headset to wear very convenient to our ears burden is also small, but comfort more compared to ordinary headphones earbuds biggest flaw is the body, often when we go out, it is difficult to find a suitable place to store the headset, after all, always hanging around the neck is not a thing ah. According to the needs of users in this area, in recent years have many manufacturers focus on the development of foldable headphones, today Xiaobian recommend several good collapsible headphones during the National Day, interested friends can look at.

cheap wireless headsets Five mainstream the iPhone dedicated earplugs inventory.txt

The special earplugs inventory of five mainstream iPhone

Apple products, iPhones music entertainment applications is its flagship launch a dedicated headphone headphone manufacturers it is also a matter of course. The headphone plant.

Apple products, iPhones music entertainment applications is its flagship launch a dedicated headphone headphone manufacturers it is also a matter of course. The dedicated headphone headset manufacturers have introduced will bring iPhone users more freedom of choice following, I recommended several iPhone launch headphones, they come from different brand, style, quality and features, strengths and weaknesses. Several headphones ear earplugs designed to facilitate the admission is very easy to go out to use, but also be able to effectively block outside noise. I hope that after reading this article, we are matching the right headset for their beloved iPhone can provide some reference. The headphones use a detachable cable design, user-friendly upgrade of the wire. SE535 compact and ergonomic, long wearing will not feel discomfort. Headphone excellent sound insulation, rugged, and comes with accessories is quite rich, meet different users demand for use in different environments Shure SE535 headphones built three high-definition micro sound unit has a dedicated tweeter and two a bass unit can create a wide range and deep bass. The Shure unique soundproof earplugs able effectively block ambient noise can be reduced by up to 37dB noise from the outside world. Shure SE535 higher resolving power, high-frequency and low-frequency quality, sound IF cohesion, especially suitable for the performance of life. Shure introduced the iPhone dedicated wire, the SE535 able to perfect use on the iPhone. The auricular outside a small patch of silver, brushed metal style design, patch a hole in the middle, its role is similar to the sound hole inverting. Headphones are used in shell and front metal elements design appeared to be very on the grade. This headset silicone ear pads are very soft, more comfortable to wear, in order to adapt to the different users, the headphones box comes with three pairs of different-sized earmuffs, very intimate. The plug of the headset is optimized for the iPhone, a four-part design, better compatible with iPhone use. B-801-E headphones sound rather biased towards the low-frequency, dive in place, good depth, suitable for 5 models with iPhone earbuds to listen to rock and pop music using the above is what I recommend for everyone, its price from a hundred to a thousand range applicable to the different needs of users choose to use. For Apple users, with a dedicated headset for both functionality or appearance are very necessary, I recommend everyone to buy headphones help. Finally, it is important to note that the purchase of headphone products, please go to regular stores Listen purchased, to ensure product quality and after-sales service.

sms audio street by 50 headphones How to reduce mobile phone radiation.txt

How to reduce cell phone radiation

The dangers of mobile phone radiation on human health is the objective existence of serious social problems, how to reduce mobile phone radiation?

Do not phone into the bedroom. Sleep, do not phone on the pillow. Radiation will be reduced melatonin secretion not only affects the quality of sleep, and will accelerate the destruction of the body of free radicals, and eventually lead to cancer and other diseases do not hit the phone signal is weak. When the signal is weak, or when in the high-speed transport, cell phone radiation will stronger 3 Do not phone into the trouser pocket. The study found that often the phone on his trouser men, their sperm count is less than the normal male 25%. Mobile phone radiation on various parts of the body, the male testicles are the most vulnerable to cell phone radiation injury. A cell phone for a long time, the best right-hand man often alternately 5 other enclosed space to a cell phone. Do cell phones in elevators, trains, subways, and other relatively closed space. The phone constantly trying to connect interrupt signal causes the radiation to a maximum of 6. Dial-up, stretching arms. Most mobile phone turned on the moment radiation, therefore answer or extending the arms, so that the phone away from the body after the phone call, it is best to wait a while and then call 8. Larger smartphones radiation. Smart phone with built-in wireless device, generated more radiation than a cell phone, because these devices rely on batteries to drive before they can receive e-mail, Internet. Therefore, as little as possible with the mobile Internet. Use headphones. With headphones, although not directly destroy radiation, but can the human body and the radiation source isolation open. Phone farther away from the head, the smaller the brain by the effects of radiation. Mobile phone antenna farther distance, the lower the amount of radiation received by the body.

sync by 50 wireless Continental Airlines to install a new seat for all Boeing 777 flight.txt

Sina Aviation News, Beijing, China, 2010 - Continental Airlines today announced that all Boeing 777 long-haul international flights BusinessFirst BusinessFirst have been fully install the new lie-flat seats United the American Continental Holdings Co., Ltd., executive vice president and chief Mr. the revenue officer Zhankang Dayton JimCompton: the ride our Boeing 777 airliner international travelers will be able to full enjoy the comfort brought about by the new BusinessFirst lie-flat seat, this seat welcomed by global travelers We will begin next year in succession in other wide-body airliner to install this seat.

The seat is also equipped with a 15.4-inch TV screen, so travelers may preferences on-demand movies, music and play games.

bluetooth earpiece Computer wireless headset.txt

Computer wireless headset

Your wireless headphone transmitter placed in a high place on the open position, so that emission distance If the sound is distorted, set the signal source TV or MP3 volume due emphasis on small, headphones can improve sound quality 3. When , replace the battery when the following questions:

① Power light is dim

2 received by the receiver difficult

③ reduce the volume, the sound is distorted. Use alkaline batteries to avoid leakage and damage to the product selling points or characteristics:

Wireless headset for the PC headset is foldable, convenient to place and carry 2. Fixed-frequency selection, and not drift, do not run the table, easy to operate 3. Headband is lightweight plastic, durable, lightweight beautiful 4 Cloth fabric ear pads, environmental breathable 5. shell with ABS new material, do not fade 6 in English packaging, brochures in English SMT process, performance and more stable products of the company: wireless headphones; wireless headset price; teaching wireless headphones ; computer wireless headset; wireless TV headphones; hearing exam headphones; Listening headphones; campus radio headset; CET headphones; aural earphones; teaching headset; MP3 wireless headphone, 2.4G wireless headset, remote control wireless headphones, card wireless headset

sync by 50 cent review Headphone BOSEONEARBOSEOE top enjoy.txt

Top of headset BOSEONEARBOSEOE comforts

In addition, the headset in the performance parameters is quite satisfactory, using a 35mm diameter drive unit, an impedance of 32 ohms. Restore order to be able to get even better sound quality performance, on

ear TriPort acoustic structure design, unexpectedly pure bass. Whether indoor or outdoor, on

ear allows sync by 50 cent review to enjoy high-quality music anytime, anywhere. BOSE unique balancing technology, sound curve adjusted to as much as possible with BOSE headphones feature a perfect fit, pass natural and fax Music. May be how to introduce the headset can not interpret it in the enthusiast in mind, after all, its sound effects are there for all to see, currently BOSEear re-arrival price of 850 yuan, but if not equipped with the amp, or sync by 50 cent review player thrust a lack of confidence, and sync by 50 cent review still go to audition compare insurance :

Let me speak with a bunch of data and jargon, what mouth Ferry I really do not, because I was not fever entry headphones Fan, I can only say, with the most superficial text BOSE

ON-EAR to my feelings have been with iPod, also have been using the iPod original headset. Do not ask me the sound quality, sync by 50 cent review feel very bad, but friends and I feel really let the troubles it work. Basically original useful iPod headphones are bad three since the year before it, has always been to go out with original headset as beautiful and portable home on with MDRV300 is. Why buy that, because in the past that our student body president every day hanging headphones, which sparked a wave of ...

How do sync by 50 cent review say, my father bought me that says a BOSE

ON-EAR, my first reaction was: Youre a waste of money now? Really a waste, he is in the store to buy halo ...... I know BOSE something good, I have been using BOSE


System to listen to the CD, because my home now, only one, and that is also the father elections, he said that he is like. Really talk to me about the sound quality, I would like to ask the difference?

Some people say that the the BOSE OE in addition to low-frequency, other useless, in fact, is a big mistake, BOSE

OE biggest advantage lies in its sound field open atmosphere, is the rare large dynamic work shows good artifact headphones, if sync by 50 cent review like to listen to the symphonic works of the dynamic, that is the only choice, followed by accurate positioning, bright crisp treble rather than harsh, rich low frequency, but not fat enough, say shortcoming, IF seems slightly less than the amount of sense, on the whole, BOSE

OE is a victory in the entire sound field, rather than a detail Another thing to note is that BOSE own adaptive technology, sync by 50 cent review audio is best not to open any sound, followed by progressively according to their own hearing habits sound correction., if possible, sync by 50 cent review may wish to mix heard back, come back in the end how the right to evaluate the quality of the OE

on ear oder over ear Headphone sensitivity and driving characteristics..txt

The headphone sensitivity and the driving characteristics of

4, another sense of the power reserves, reducing amplifier harmonic distortion. Amplifier distortion is increased as the power increases, 10W / 8 ohms / THD = 10% of the amplifier, the output of 10W / 8 Ohms distortion in respect of 10%, 1% distortion of the power may be in 3W, 0.2% distortion power smaller, the amp is also similar, about 1% distortion is more ugly, especially the odd harmonic distortion. So, some people say: I usually listen to music at home, a few watts is enough, no need to buy tens of watts amplifier waste, buy a few watts amplifier enough, this is wrong, this table is the most important of the last two item, the amplifier while meeting the voltage and current requirements of the headset, the drive is adequate, just look at the power of no significance, such as: 150mW reserve table can be sufficient to drive the 240dF, 150mW is loaded into 240df , rather than the nominal power of the amplifier, even if the amplifier can output 5W / 4 in Europe, is far from adequate drive 240DF, because the slew far not the 240DF required voltage reserve to claim 6, this table is the headphone driver characteristics, to determine whether the driver adequate, and whether the push is not directly related, but pushed a good premise, whether the push headphones, adequate and drive, damping coefficient, headphone frequency response impedance curve, there are more important listeners subjective factors, not the table.

50 cent street headphones wireless Five interesting electronic module that like Required Case Study.txt

Module five interesting electronic scales as Required Case Study

Said module interesting electronic like Required case analysis:

The teacher did not find students to the Internet and play games, have not been found has not been completed a self-test on the basis of students, what do 50 cent street headphones wireless think the reason is? Talk about viable solution do 50 cent street headphones wireless think?

1 Wang rely too much on multimedia and did not monitor the implementation of the curriculum to the students of computer monitoring system to fail, classroom monitoring negligence.

2 neglect of the consciousness of the students learning. Individual students who like to play games and the Internet may do things causing the teacher did not find the problem has nothing to do with the classroom.

Based on the above analysis, the solution:

1 strengthen the maintenance of the computer monitoring system, to reduce fault, with the progress and the teachers on Internet restrictions in order to achieve the purpose of the management students.

2 computer monitor and human monitoring combined to strengthen the disciplinary requirements, the education of the students motivation to learn. Establishing peer support organizations, mutual supervision, into the multimedia network classroom before the teacher should give students clear good discipline requirements. Do not outside, the classroom teacher should be uninterrupted from the rostrum to inspect to strengthen the monitoring efforts of classroom discipline.

2 electronic scales like class, the teacher and the students to apply what features of the multimedia network classroom?

A: The application of network classroom following features: such as screen broadcasting function, Wang microphone said to the students, students listen to the teacher explained through headphones, and watch the animation is playing; monitoring capabilities of the screen, Wang teachers machine the random viewing on the monitor students self-self-test; electronic hand function, and a few minutes later, the students raised their hands with electronic function schematically by detecting some students use electronic hand function because of problems encountered to seek teacher help and pointing. As well as the remote counseling functional and send a message.

You feel where the successes and failures of this lesson?

A: Wang is better to take advantage of the multimedia classroom in the teaching function, the whole process of teaching a full default and needs to be strengthened, but the monitoring of student characteristics of language teaching is not distinctive.

4, do 50 cent street headphones wireless think what kind of curriculum activities suitable for multimedia network classroom teaching?

A: in the multimedia network classroom teaching activities, not all courses can achieve good results, 50 cent street headphones wireless should see the contents of teaching. In the following cases, 50 cent street headphones wireless can consider the application of multimedia network classroom: 1 the need for multimedia presentations teaching. 2 the need for group teaching, interactive learning. 3 the need for individual study or independent learning; 4 language remedial teaching; 5 online learning resource sharing; 6 teaching tests and information feedback analysis. 7 The other potentially appropriate content.

5. Students in self-test and game, computer operating students some feedback, 50 cent street headphones wireless think this can replace the teacher to student feedback?

A: The computer operational feedback to students, is not a substitute for the teacher to student feedback. The computer default program evaluation of students is fixed, mechanical, emotional, teacher feedback is even more striking, more flexible and emotional teaching operation of the machine is the auxiliary.

custom earbuds Hals insulated cup how to recommend just a genuine Wing.txt

Hals insulated cup how to recommend just a genuine Wing

Steel keel plasterboard the guard dead partition walls do, benzene plate plastic hanging nets boring. Lifting tiles, cement mortar the photocathode less will not be off down. Waterproof best thrift such as where reason _ know about

Do Wei Shen steel keel plasterboard partition walls into dead dry benzene board plastic hanging net. The cement mortar flip tiles, time off from the drop will be no less. Waterproof best such grounds where

Time less there must be scores, as the the plasterboard waterproof coefficient foundation no enough fruit, assume that custom earbuds read less then bright shade manipulation is best for raw materials, Discovery I recommend a rule, custom earbuds use calcium silicate board takes fiber cement pressure plate was nothing wrong with Wal two board waterproof operation AIDS longitudinal time less, the only result is to be under consideration than plasterboard some

Wei died between change may not be able to use gypsum board lift on the tile walls, fine as waterproof Ruo will.

Manipulation the Shen steel keel plasterboard parent do wall guard dead wall moisture removed off the peach coupons track, forbidden to do.

The photocathode less off the drop. Best waterproof tile drawbacks pointing and hook dilute true tiles are glued to lift the left seam 3mm middle, as the dentist will dilute true

Initiative no manipulation of gypsum board, fruit plasterboard damp or over times hot all city middle the dead matter crow becomes short with the results of other referral amount of bonding plot short guide when the results after fleeting Britain, it is assumed that the space for austerity Initiative manipulation cement board, gypsum board full of false error burglary, wrong thin plasterboard is not the same, that is, the supply is no a lot, but can perhaps buy into can curb.