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What are the hazards of headphones

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Headphones to listen to music what harm?

Now people increasingly high demand for the spiritual and cultural life, many high school students especially liked music, often on the way to and from school, also carried a miniature tape recorders to listen to songs. Physical development so that students do not benefit the miniature tape recorders headphone volume output about 84 db in general, some of the high-frequency range can reach 120 decibels. This volume is great especially on human ear nerve stimulation, prolonged listening to cause hearing loss, there will be severe neurasthenia. The person wearing the headset, the mouth of the outer ear channel headphones firmly plugged almost in occlusion state. High volume audio sound pressure directly into the ear, concentrate delivered to the eardrum on thin, there is no point cushion, the auditory nerve is stimulated excited very easily lead to auditory fatigue often wear headphones to listen to music, but also caused some systemic discomfort, noise will make people feel Touyunnaozhang, a long time will cause inattention sensitivity and memory loss, so that the reaction of the students thinking, and some will appear irritability, lack of patience abnormal psychological and emotional reaction especially The musical accompaniment is mostly electronic, treble and bass very different, pop songs and compared with imaginative, so for a long time to wear headphones to listen to, the more adversely ear nerves and body health. Wearing headphones to listen to the audio are concentrated the little earphones vibration-chip, centralized the eardrum to accept audio effects than loudspeakers, and along with the ups and downs of the music, the spirit is always in tension. The same time, the close proximity between the earphones diaphragm eardrum acoustic propagation range of small, focused stimulation of the the eardrum auditory nerve. Wearing headphones long time, this negative stimulus can cause head pain, memory loss, insomnia, and even ear left lingering affect normal hearing addition, experts also believe that, due to the childs eardrum, ears bone, and inner ear hearing fragile cells, prolonged the treble stimulation, will atrophy caused by hearing loss. Therefore, stereo music is also unsuitable for children often listen. Radiation, the Bluetooth headset is safe to speak from the perspective of headphones, long-term wear headphones, the excessive volume be human ear hearing damage, of course, not a long, loud using headphones but Bluetooth headset The volume is adjustable, it is generally transferred can use the volume small wireless earphones can hear the sound of her voice, do not have to use too much volume followed by general calls and listen to music using a Bluetooth headset for both purposes. The hearing did not affect the key issues that people listen to music with headphones, this population is prolonged, continuous use headphones to listen to, and individuals like oversized volume play, this would certainly damage the hearing. Outdoor mobile conditions, there is nothing better to enjoy the music. Listening to music with headphones used for many years, so everyone personal experience to outdoor listening to music distress. Radiation of mobile phones in the end how much harm to the human body, and how to minimize the extent of the harm, become mobile phone users are most concerned about the problem. When people use mobile phones, mobile phone transmitter base station to transmit radio waves, radio waves more or less will be absorbed by the body, these waves is mobile phone radiation. General, mobile phone standby radiation small, large number of radiation during a call, and the phone number has been allocated but not yet connected, the maximum radiation, the amount of radiation is about three times standby. These radiation may change human tissue, have an adverse impact on human health. 1, should not be placed near the head. The head of mobile phone radiation on human hazards cause functional disorder which affects the central nervous system, causing headaches, dizziness, insomnia, dreams and hair loss and other symptoms, some facial irritation. Therefore, when using a mobile phone to promote the use of headphones, because the use of headphones can effectively reduce the impact of mobile phone radiation. In addition, try not to use the phone chat, also be careful not to put the phone on the pillow when sleeping. Brain cancer caused by long-term use of mobile phones at home and abroad have many examples. 2, many girls like the phone hung on the chest, but studies show that cell phone hanging on the chest, heart and endocrine system, electromagnetic radiation can also affect endocrine function, leading to menstrual disorders. Even smaller radiation standby phone around electromagnetic radiation will cause harm to humans. Heart failure, arrhythmias with particular attention to the phone can not be hung on the chest. The general phone equipped with shielding devices, to reduce the harm of radiation on the human body, aluminum, better shielding devices protective effect of lead and heavy metals. For aesthetic but the girls tend to choose a small cell phone, this phone protection may not be enough female friend is best not to put the phone hung on the chest. 3 male friends rarely have the phone hung on the chest, but generally are not at the waist or his pocket. Not good then, most men headache is mobile phone radiation may affect male reproductive function ~ ~ ~ recommended the use of mobile phones as much as possible when the phone far from the waist, abdomen, do not hang the phone around the waist or placed in a coat pocket in. When in the office, at home or in the car, the best mobile phone set aside. The phone when they go out on the purse, so far away from the body.