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sport headphones Guangzhou temperament black 13 hours use evaluation.txt

Guangzhou temperament black 13 hours use evaluation

Discuss Well, this morning, received the goods Guangzhou temperament black 13 hours of use evaluation

To help a friend buy, arrival in the morning at 8 points to close, opened the package, phone box has been opened. I do not know why first of all, just had the phone can get our hands on feel the surge of cottage feeling, especially to get a headset. I may be used to htc G14. But have to say, I used to think htc expensive, but htc does a lot of effort up and down in these details of the phone and the headset, charger. The texture is really big v can not be compared Secondly, we looked at the screen, the screen attached a very bad film, should not be a formal film

Protective film. I later tear, looks very clear, whitish overall, as well as mobile phone stoop

, As it will seriously cast around and looking up sport headphones will not cast a bit like the previous domestic machine. But the general point of view

, Then no problem. Screen effect or a good camera, 800w pixels, not clarity, but also the partial white photo shine out very low saturation and very white

Open wifi, software. An Bunny rated various software trial over 5300, almost with g14. But

Fluency than my g14 this very quickly, so I was pleasantly surprised it simply, the advantages and disadvantages are as follows:

Advantages: 1, cheap 2, very smooth 3, high-performance, various 3d games no pressure, volume, domestic machine

That is, the volume

Disadvantages 1 screen. Whitish, overlooking serious color cast, other angles ok, the camera does not work, whitish. 3, attached

Send headphones too cottage

Find it troublesome and not on the map above is the feeling of the trial today, the whole, is quite satisfactory, at least no other serious problems, call SMS Internet of what is normal. It is smooth, but dead machine. Screen from the normal angle of view is good. 999 price to buy is still worthwhile.