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Wearing headphones damage hearing experts teach street by 50 headphone to use the MP3 health

Xinhua News Agency BEIJING, March 2, Ta Kung Pao Li Qiping March 3 is National Ear Care Day, this years theme is prevention of hearing loss and deafness, the right of everyone to the enjoyment of healthy hearing. So, how in the details of life to protect their own hearing it?

According to the reference reports, Clinical Audiology Center of Beijing Tongren Hospital, Department of Otolaryngology, Chen Xiu Wu Zhuren unhealthy earbud headphones to listen to music, such as MP3, is a potential threat to the ear may Some street by 50 headphoneng people often listen to music before going to bed wearing headphones unknowingly fell asleep have no shutdown Zhengsu, so strong or mild but persistent sound long-term stimulus to the human ear, may lead to cochlear microcirculation, and to cause feelings sound in the cochlea hair cells and spiral nerve injury, and ultimately lead to noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus was also a long time to use the headset to listen to MP3 or Walkman, due to the excessive pursuit of sound effects turn up the volume too large listen to the long time, so if the occurrence of a noise source placed in their ears, super sound direct effect on the auditory system, long-term exposure to high-intensity noise under the ear, over time, will enable part of the human hearing loss appear to noise-induced deafness Chen Xiu Wu Zhuren said the mild noise-induced hearing loss in the incidence of early if they can get rid of the noise environment, symptoms will soon disappear; However, if the hearing is still no significant improvement in two weeks -8 weeks small hope of hearing recovery. About 80% of the people only tinnitus in noise-induced hearing loss early onset of symptoms, there is no clear deafness chief complaint with the progression of the disease, some patients will feel particularly afraid to hear the big sound, seriously, hear the strong sound that feels the ear pain, once they discover that they have the above symptoms should immediately separated from the noise environment, to get rid of the noise stimulus, at the same time go to the hospital for a positive examination and treatment for the early resumption of the hearing Chen Xiu Wu Zhuren also said that every individual is different sensitivity to noise about 5% of the population is susceptible of noise, such people should pay special attention to noise protection, to avoid the occurrence of noise hazards. However, this does not mean that people can not use headphones to listen to MP3, but rather to learn to use health. Headphones listening time should not be too long; headphones to choose a good quality, small noise, the volume can be regulated freedom and flexibility, timely adjustment event sound too large; musical sound can best control in less than 80 db to comfortable musical is appropriate, once the sound more than 85 Fenbei -90 dB, noise protection standards formulated by the state that is more than easy to produce injury.