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The Education Channel cheating headset into my ear good hard out

The examination must be to strengthen self-discipline, and for the safety of wireless headset body, do not want to dishonest cheat the afternoon of January 13, the First Affiliated Hospital of Xian Jiaotong University School of Medicine Outpatient Department of Otolaryngology and receive two special patient, said special because A miniature wireless receiver headphones stranded in the external auditory canal, and difficult to remove. Such patients admitted in the hospital recently to more than a dozen cases, and they are all college students, this miniature wireless receiver headphones are used to cope exam only in English, CET the afternoon there are six people in January In the morning of the 14th, the reporter saw the First Affiliated Hospital ENT inpatient department has just been taken out of two mini wireless earphone headset itself has a magnetic adsorption tightly together, but even so, they are also red bean size. Distinguish a headset diameter is only about 3 mm, such as a match head, smooth appearance, like a miniature button battery. Look small, but, according to the use of the students, the reception is still very good. ENT Shao-Qiang Zhang, deputy director, this miniature wireless receiver headphones are students into the external auditory canal, simply do not see from the outside, if it is to the ear canal wide student, or can be taken out, but if the ear canal is narrow, it will be difficult to remove. This disease he had never encountered, until the end of 2006 found. This headset often and cell phones, walkie-talkies used in conjunction with continued preaching, Shao-Qiang Zhang, deputy director of the event phenomenon difficult to remove the user first do not panic, can go to the nearest hospital immediately, to remove cerumen hook with a professional, can not remember their own rapacity, miniature wireless receiver headphones deep into the ear canal, it will cause the ear canal inflammation cause further tympanic membrane perforation induced otitis media, hearing loss, can also lead to serious hearing loss. Remind the majority of students at the same time, this miniature wireless receiver headphones dangerous fact, to wireless headset ear safety Do not use newspaper as early as December 23, 2006, reported that students buy cheating, unscrupulous traders are using The cheat package means to sell cheat electronic products and test answers phenomenon. Now is the time period, continue school exam, gave the market profiteers. On one hand, the market supervision department should intensify combat the phenomenon of illegal sale to students cheating tool, from the source of governance; schools and teachers, on the other hand, should also step up publicity in the exam early, put an end to all kinds of cheating.