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Haiyang the Jashari would play Raiders

Haiyang the Jashari would race during the summer break, sunscreen of course, is the most important task for the people who come to watch the game and travel. Both 50 cent sms get the messageng and old, are not appropriate for a long time in the hot summer sun. 11:00 to 15:00 strongest ultraviolet rays, the most deadly time, therefore this time to try to avoid outdoor activities, but mostly in the open-air venue due to the events of the Jashari will the outdoor sun Spectators will be the norm. In order not to affect the viewing experience, the audience in the stands can not use umbrellas. To avoid sunburn, sun hat equipment, sunscreen is essential, every few hours and should be painted again, because sweat can easily flush out the sunscreen. In addition to this, the hair should be sun, scratching the same time, do not burn the skin, in order to avoid bacterial infection or scarring. And

Umbrellas, sunglasses, sun hat, binoculars, beach sandals, waterproof clothing, raincoat, camera, pen, signing this fashion watch, cell phone headset, Hanjin, garbage bags and so on, these are the essential object as a large integrated continental tournament, Haiyang Jasa event organization, security has strict requirements, therefore, watch the game, be sure to see the game time and venue tickets marked arrive early checkpoint security or approach the game is likely to delay, to maintain respect for both athletes and referees, and please respect the customs and habits of the foreign athletes, enthusiastic cries, civilized spectators. Since the game is mostly concentrated in the 3 km long beach, therefore, to keep the beach clean is the responsibility and obligation of every audience security and competition scene, please obey the command arrangements for staff traveling orderly flow line indicates.