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50 cent street headphones review High-tech is difficult to prevent the entrance examination cheating penalty system should be strengt.txt

The high-tech is difficult to prevent the entrance examination cheating penalty system should be strengthened

Profile photo In recent years, the college entrance examination, Liaoning Province, constantly cheating. College entrance examination this year, Liaoning will handle similar to airport security metal detector, the detector can effectively check out the candidates whether violations carry mobile phones, wireless headsets, wireless transmitter.

Whether anti-cheating bucket cheat it?

College entrance examination cheating and anti-cheating

In recent years, Liaoning Province, the college entrance examination can be described as anti-cheating system in mid-upgrade. In 2005, some cities began to use electronic surveillance recording system electronic eye, Yingkou trial phone jammers; 2006, the province examination room to install electronic eye, the college entrance examination papers confidential room to achieve the provinces network monitoring, alarm; 2007, for All examination room is equipped with phone jammers, metal detector, the province each examination room examination process will be engraved on CD-ROM, to reported Xingzhaokaoban filing of unknown origin. According to incomplete statistics, in 2007 alone, the financial departments at all levels to put in nearly billion.

However, the government guard behind, but it is increasing college entrance exam cheating incident.

When the cheating tool Cheat Sheet gunmen referring to teicoplanin to mobile phones, electronic dictionaries, to the current military walkie-talkie, pinhole cameras, wireless headphones ... cheating tool face difficult to detect with the naked eye, the government departments to spare no money The contest.

Shenyang City, the business sector has seized the watch of a group can be conveyed answer looks indistinguishable from ordinary electronic table; online sales of an invisible pen, pen taillights irradiation can show handwriting; some multi-channel walkie-talkie, not by phone Jammer impact ...