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best head phones in the world HD Wave the AKG the headphones K272HD offer 1290.txt

The HD wave of AKG headphones K272HD offer 1290

Originated in Austria headphone brand AKG, introduced the many classic headphones products, so that the brand has a high status in the headset industry. AKG launched K272HD positioned as audio and video monitor headphones, the headset deal with the wave of market HD Television Works, provides users with feelings of HD playback. Headset market sales counter offer for 1290 yuan AKG new headset K272HD

AKG K272HD of this belongs to AKGs new HD series, positioning the use of high-end audio and video playback, appearance or headphones AKGs classic styling, a friend familiar with the AKG headphones products will not be unfamiliar. The headset impedance of 55 ohms, sensitivity 91dB, 16 to 28kHz frequency response of anti-counterfeiting, from the headset parameters in order to enjoy the full strength of the headset, an amp or essential. In the style of playing, K272HD maintain the AKG beautiful style, accurate sound localization restore to degrees higher K272HD AKG licensed aftermarket Description

AKG recently launched a number of new products, greatly enhancing the competitive strength of the brand in the mid headphone market. Friends this K272HD interested to take a look at the sales counter. Also present on the market AKG also launched positioning portable audio products, interested friends may wish to pay attention to the next.