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The home fitness Never free to listen to music

The home fitness Never free to listen to music, fitness for many people, just like eating and sleeping, like daily compulsory. The accelerated pace of life, many people choose to physical exercise from the home, but also inevitably fall into all kinds of errors found in the home exercise and fitness ineffective experts pointed out, I have all mentality led fitness equipment selection is random. There was even one-sided that the fitness equipment function as possible, follow the trend of fashion, poor experts spend a lot of effects, the sales of fitness equipment on the market today have a single function, such as a treadmill, climbing ladders; There are many combination of features gyms, such as the five features nine functions, thirteen functions;, there are some simple, practical fitness equipment, such as the chest, dumbbells, skipping. Fitness enthusiasts to buy according to their age, gender, physical condition, fitness purposes, as well as housing, economic conditions, considering the fitness of fitness equipment for their own use, with one mind is a major cause of many fitness ineffective. Wearing headphones while listening to music while fitness, think best noise cancelling headphones can kill two birds with one stone. In fact, not devote all our energies in the fitness, the training effect is naturally far. Engaged in the exercise, the movements nerve center of command in a highly excited state, the nerve center of an inhibitory state. Edge training while listening to headphones, the nerve center of the brain commanding movement in turn suppressed, the most important effect of natural family fitness must not fits and drying nets. Research indicates that people buy fitness equipment fresh is not easy to maintain 3 months, nine months later, is still sticking to a timed exercise the less. The whim training days, unhappy or excuse no time will the fitness equipment crowded out, this attitude is undesirable, fitness also requires perseverance experts recommend the family fitness but also for their own reality, to formulate a scientific and orderly fitness plan , in order to achieve the best results, do not arbitrarily.