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Easy to wear good bass Philips SHL9300 headphones

The green is getting stronger, born in spring. In the warm season, the Philips designed fashion up to the people to bring a collapsible headphones SHL9300. This super-lightweight foldable headset, bringing exceptional sound quality experience. The large 40 mm studio-grade speakers create a nuanced sound. Philips original floating ear cushions the technology FloatingCushions, fully multi-directional earmuffs adjust to ensure that wear is best. Both sipped freshly picked spring tea and a few friends hiking outing, this headset graceful tone and comfortable to wear, for the user to bring the best sound experience and the wearer feel SHL9300 April Philips brand new Spring New listing, this headset features its rich bass, giving a very prominent impression. It mainly depends on the use of the 40 mm speaker driver The 40 mm speaker driver is made of a composite mylar material, with a high degree of sensitivity, beste in ear koptelefoon can ensure that the sound output without distortion. The other hand, SHL9300 neodymium magnet as a material, it can make for greater sensitivity in a voice coil, bring more bass and excellent sound quality. From the actual audition experience, even if it is a soothing, slow songs, but also dynamic, if beste in ear koptelefoon try to listen to heavy metal music, cleanse the soul bass perfectly embodies the SHL9300 sound shocking.