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bluetooth wireless earbuds How to use the Bluetooth mobile phone and headset connection.txt

How to use the mobile phone Bluetooth headset is connected

Think the answer 0 | 0 people think that this answer does not help a formal brand Bluetooth headset radiation has been detected by the SIG Industry Association, up to less than the industry standard is not certified SIG, the radiation intensity is generally microwave 1/100000, high imitation goods is not necessarily. Bluetooth headset to enjoy music in terms of the rate of V1.2 has met the version of the sound quality is not any impact on electro-acoustic components of the headset is the decision of the high-energy sound quality Bluetooth headset built fast charging lithium polymer battery, separate work needs to be charged when shopping online, I suggest bluetooth wireless earbuds choose the best city transactions the seller because the domestic machine features no one can say for who knows bluetooth wireless earbuds model supports the Bluetooth protocol. . Bring love machine to go lie down, face to face trial audition supplementary answer: Bluetooth headset to listen to music, the sound quality is good or bad depends on the electro-acoustic component parts of the headphones, if bluetooth wireless earbuds have a fever GoerTek recommended the Teana F1 reference price: 288 Yuan; If bluetooth wireless earbuds do not burn the D1 ear recommended GoerTek stereo reference price: 188 Yuan. Do not recommend that bluetooth wireless earbuds use the name goods imitation goods from the point of view of appreciation.