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The headphone family deafness or 30 years in advance

Beckham loves rock music often ears stuffed with a pair of headphones, especially in the noisy sound of shopping malls, subways and other occasions, in order to hear more clearly, she also conscious voice raised. Home at night to watch television, the sound is always very big, he is also unaware. Until a family asked her: such a big sound, even the bad ear elderly can not stand earbuds review ears to be able to stand this? Was later diagnosed by a doctor in a medical examination, she was diagnosed with sensorineural deafness, hearing loss the degree has been very serious.

College students Xiao-yang learning burden insomnia, I heard that listening to music can cure insomnia, she every night before going to bed, put on headphones to listen to for a while, often music still stood, but she had fallen asleep a. Insomnia has improved, but soon she found myself tinnitus phenomenon also often unclear, listening to something, others say many times. Later developed throughout the body are abnormal symptoms, often dizziness, headache, and even ears sore, serious impact on her learning and life. After the doctor checks the tuning fork and pure tone testing and found that her hearing is 30 dB lower than the normal level.

According to a scientific study from the UK shows that, wearing headphones listening to music for a long time, can lead to deafness 30 years ahead of the arrival! 13.