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Competition CD-quality editing most respected good sound quality MP3

To see the history of the development of the player, and later MD from the earliest vinyl to tape and CD to the MP3 player, store the size of the media and the players themselves are constantly shrinking, but before we can easily find the MP3 player, whether digital or analog class, are stored lossless file playback, until the emergence of the MP3. MP3 is a lossy compression format, huge but once lossless WAV format files and MP3 capacity is not high, but almost no one uses. Because the gap on the audio, MP3 has been working with the sound quality between the first few forward there is a certain distance. But with the the MP3 industrys development, the capacity of the player is growing more and more supported format, now APE, FLAC lossless compression format has a smaller size compared to WAV, lossless compression audio quality . Them, CD player and MP3 player, the gap has become smaller and smaller, par CD is no longer a dream of the MP3, today we take a look at these and CD contest the quality of the MP3 player.