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in ear headset Eason Guangzhou concert becomes a drowned rat gotta play to challenge typhoon Figure.txt

The Eason Guangzhou concert becomes a drowned rat gotta play to challenge typhoon Figure

Eason Chan concert will be held in Guangzhou last night April 19 case positive typhoon raccoons winds, embarrassed to open the show in the storm, suffering with the wet with the audience that day cry: I am not afraid of in ear headset !

22 games, Eason World Tour concert held last night in Guangzhou Tianhe Stadium open space the Eason defied the rain and still open the show, 30,000 spectators are not afraid of rain enough audience to see enthusiastic. Assembly widely faction raincoat to the audience, the concert on time 8:15 separately show, the audience is also very orderly, an opening umbrella that obediently accept to see the show to sing two songs Eason has the best body wet, he said: Well, thank in ear headset Lin Zhaoyu look at me! Tonight, I will try to sing, until they get to the explosion neck ribs! He also hand pointing to the sky and said: Im not afraid of in ear headset! Coincidentally, whenever Eason The singing, the day it began to rain, but when he finished the rain stop, no wonder Eason can not help but chuckle: God Do not want to hear me sing?

Due to inclement weather, security dancers security, the General Assembly canceled the female dancers wear high heels dancers link explicit dance performances in Hong Kong concert there was also deleted, hot extent of greatly reduced Fortunately, the female dancers still sexy battle very seductive! Sing exaggerated, the stage rose five-storey Eason more sitting on the edge of the stage to sing, it is seen frightened, worried that he would fall down performances, Eason headphones twice the accident, the staff adjustment for him , the audience impatiently shouted: Do not wear! Eason laughed: Im older, rely on it to hear. When the staff headphones tuned, Eason and funny to say: He helped I lift up the block earwax out! Since last night he sang songs in Mandarin, the audience constantly shouted to listen to Cantonese songs, stage Eason hear, Eason said: I know that here Guangdong, I will sing Cantonese songs. encore, he sang the first Cantonese songs to satisfy the audience until 10:00, the rain stopped, he would like to thank the audience support, thank God the celebration dinner, he said before the show opened very worried about the weather, the mood also tension, sing not enough to put Fortunately, the audience response has been enthusiastic, the more he sang the more invested.