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HTC products highly controversial one-quarter profit plunged platform short board highlights

In 2011, HTC Rounds, the phone once reached more than 10% of global market share, ranking fourth in the world, ranked first in the mobile phone manufacturers using Android system in the North American market, the third quarter, HTC beyond Apple , topped the North American leading smartphone. Interbrand selection of the top 100 global brands, HTC has become the only Chinese brand selected a time, the Taiwanese company stand out, to rival that of the Apple, Samsung, to carve up the smart phone market trend but did not last long, from the fourth quarter of 2011 began, HTC profit decline. In 2012, the trend of falling profits and has not been curbed, but increased. Earnings in the first quarter released HTC phone revenues of NT 67.79 billion yuan about 2.3 billion U.S. dollars, down 34.92%; net profit after tax of NT 4.464 billion yuan about 151 million U.S. dollars year-on-year decline of 70 percent, marking the lowest level in six years HTC. In sharp contrast with the HTC is Samsung. First quarter, Samsung Electronics net profit reached $ 5.15 billion, up 87.3% in the face of competition selection historical comparison

Why once invincible, and now has become so apathetic? Li Yi, executive vice chairman and secretary general of the China Mobile Internet Industry Alliance, told the China Economic Weekly, due mainly competition. To the present from the first half of last year, Apple introduced the iPhone4S, Samsung launched Galaxy series, even the Nokia launched Lumia800 of these are all killer product, especially Samsung Galaxy

Note, this phone giant perfectly combines the characteristics of tablet PCs and smart phones, the screen to AMOLEO, thinner than the Tablet PC, smaller than the average smartphone, the larger and more powerful. Galaxy

Note, once launched for Samsung pocketed the popular, and also the Samsung performance all the way victory Sensation? XE? Sensation? XL HTC launched Sensation series include, though are also large-screen dual-core phone, it is still difficult and Apple The Samsung front of blows. Smartphone pie is so large, Apple and Samsung have eaten more, HTC get less naturally Indeed, in the field of intelligent machines, with a 9% market share, Apple earned 75% of the profits, not Samsung poor, Samsung Electronics net profit reached $ 5.15 billion, a year-on-year growth of 87.3% based on earnings in the first quarter, Li Yi, with the iPhone5 and Samsung Galaxy? S

III advent HTC will slowly degenerate into a low-end brand. Of course, said the low-end is not very low, because there are Nokia, ZTE, Huawei, Lenovo and Lei Jun millet there. In this regard, HTC, president of China Ren Weiguang and disapproval. He believes that HTC are most concerned about is its ability to innovate and brand influence, rather than purely market performance. As a brand, HTC in fact, is in its infancy, but in other brands and compared to the HTC a similar stage of development, we have made great achievements. Ren Weiguang said the product has been criticized

When it comes to operating the platform the HTC company also no advantage at all. The intelligent platform Andrews, WP, Apples IOS and Saipan. Li Yi said, times have changed, Microsoft and Nokia, Googles acquisition of Motorola Mobile, Apple has its own system, HTC has what? Does not have its own system, and only with the Android platform. Googles acquisition of Motorolas mobile Android platform is bound to be tilted to the Motorola the HTC platform short board will become more apparent although Samsung also Andrews platform, but Samsung has an obvious advantage. Samsungs entire industrial chain, most of the components are of its own production, Samsung therefore good cost control. Not only that, it also give Apple manufacturing components, which is great. In contrast, HTC has failed to grasp Li Yi believes, more than 40% of the manufacturing costs, the biggest drawback of the HTC mobile phones is not characterized, can not attract enough eyeballs. This is a fatal flawed. Even HTC veteran, former founder of the companys only authorized brand Dopod Yang Xingping HTC applications and services do not have their own characteristics, is impossible to set up their own mobile phone culture such as Apple, difficult and Apple contend HTC phone The disadvantage is also more than that, has been the appearance of highly controversial: Because there is no angular design and the back cover of the alternative, netizens joked HTC behind ugly abbreviation.

Not so clever strategy to save

The first quarter of 2012, HTC has finally launched a counterattack. February Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​HTC launched HTC ONE star-studded series. Among them, HTC ONE

X configuration a large 4.7-inch screen, quad-core processor and beats headphones. Ren Weiguang told the China Economic Weekly, They HTC

ONE have great expectations. This product has excellent experience glamor shot and dynamic sound redefine the way consumers use mobile phones to take pictures and listen to music, so that the relationship between the mobile phone and the user closer HTC ability to take advantage of this opportunity turn the tide and regain its former glory? Li Yi believes that the launch of quad-core mobile phone is not a smart choice. Like a PC, consumers have no concept of dual-core or quad-core, the user can not see the phone a few nuclear, but to see with them is convenient. Sentence, or the user experience to have the final say. Currently, general phone dual-core enough say ultra-luxury beats headphones, August 2011, HTC spend $ 300 million acquisition of high-end headset manufacturers Beats

Electronics majority stake, thereafter, HTC will beats headphones its high-end machine binding sales, this means buying HTC phones marshall headphones have to buy an expensive beats headphones. But the problem is, not all sound so high. The headphones several hundred dollars, most people really do not need. Listen to some very fine music, who like Li Yi said, using a mobile phone to listen to ah? Therefore, in the face of the bound beats headphones HTC phones, many consumers can only hope that the machine deterred. Ultimately, the fight against HTC its own past, HTC has been committed to the development of the high-end market, but recently launched a new desire to V HTCHTC cooperation with China Unicom, which is the first 4.0-inch screen international brand fertile 3G thousands of intelligent machines . Perhaps this is quite upset. Li Yi believes that the general, if they can, like Apple, brand hard enough, influential enough, a mobile phone is enough, but if the brand influence is not enough, and much more out of the product. The high-end or low-end, forward red or retire? It can be said, HTC is in a very painful and critical crossroads and Samsung, Apple, HTC is still a very marshall headphonesng brand, we still need to improve and improve. Ren Weiguang said, But, HTC brand influence in the world continues to increase, we are leading the development of the mobile phone industry, we believe that the user will have their own choice.