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Easily listen to good sound

People gossip, play free music will bring music accompanied by music can relax is essential peoples lives, there is music, there is headphones, good headphones to restore real good sound. Headset design platinum sounds TP-325, noble and generous, comfortable to wear, with stereo sound, whether it is music lovers or gamers are able to enjoy the perfect sound performance, it is a rare headset products, interested friends running headphones can look at the table the platinum sounds TP-325 headset using transparent packaging design, running headphones can clearly see the appearance of the style of the product. Headset designs generous fashion, head design, ergonomic and comfortable to wear. The entire headset using plastic, very lightweight, wear no oppressive Taiwan platinum sounds TP-325 headset uses 40mm NdFeB quality speaker unit, plump natural sound quality, structured, powerful low-frequency pure delicate and mellow, the high-frequency, bringing The user listens grade tone enjoy. The headphones support for the wire to adjust the volume, imitation leather wire, soft, resilient, line 2 meters long. In addition, the headset comes with a high-sensitivity microphone, freely bending direction of adjustment, voice clear, user-friendly chat Xiaobian Summary: Taiwan platinum sounds TP-325 headset with atmospheric fashion design, comfortable to wear, stereo surround sound, flexible microphone, whether listening to music or playing games are able to meet the needs of users.