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Ear commentary blind watching movies

Yesterday morning, in the the culture of Persons with Disabilities Accessibility communication into the home activities help Zhoulian Song biography first watched a full movie. Chief reporter Chen Hao photo

Zorro appeared in several guards behind the few people that brought down the blind Zhoulian Song of headphones is understood to say the sound came. Yesterday morning, Heping District of Shenyang City, Disabled Persons Federation, District stylistic Press and Publication Bureau Disabled cultural barrier communication into the home activity at a joint help Zhou Liansong biography first saw a complete movie world blind been thought the dark dull world, reading, watching movies has been a very difficult problem of the blind. However, Heping District in Shenyang City yesterday Disabled Persons Federation, District stylistic Press and Publication Bureau in Shenyang Heping District Library held a joint the Disabled cultural barrier to communication into the homes activities, timely solution to this problem CDPF a staff accessible movie is in damage on the basis of the film the original blank movie screen, with a more accurate, appropriate, refining the text, language screen clear explanation, so that blind people can not see the screen explain to understand the content of the movie street headphones review want to express, accessible movie dialogue, screen, movie length do not make a change, accompanied by narration and sign language, is blind and deaf and dumb can understand. Disabled Accessible cultural communication into the homes activities, while adstreet headphones reviewing the Books Accessible original Library reading room of persons with disabilities on the basis of an expansion up District Library Disabled dedicated branch libraries and the blind read accessibility fully furnished room. Disabilities Branch Library, blind dedicated reading room addition is equipped with the latest blind magazines and books, comes with 4 internet blind computer.