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The original words were snowy night behind closed doors read banned books, is said to be one of the ancients fun, the equivalent of late-night international students with headphones browser Lingering Garden. The last two weeks, the UKs big snow, a laminated layer, off the road, stopped the plane, Im lucky enough to escape back to Newcastle from Bristol, snow plugging into the family apartment thirties governments predicament room, live at the highest level, the roof should be filled with snow; monolayer Old glass windows on the morning is full of frost daytime heating into water, took heat. Roommate was taken in order to save the bill, Heating timer switch can imagine, my panties, quilt and thinking basically are relatively fresh. Precisely my notebook with failure In addition to reading, what can be done?

University library at street sms headphones fingertips, walk about five minutes. I have thought about every day after dinner, take a walk to get there, listening to music watching videotapes. Unfortunately, there has been no day most of the time spent watching the BBC news. London students smashed the Conservative Party headquarters building glass, graffiti everywhere. The color is Bristol demonstrations, topped the BBC website video click on the forefront of the place in front of the main building of the University of Bristol. Police sent the Mounted Police hold the line, the last two or three rows of riot police sealed the road at first a student approached stroked Malaysia, and suddenly a few bundles of fireworks fired at the police. Frightened horses, Mounties busy control the students advance Mounties drawn batons shouting slogans, held to the back of the head, shouting password, coordination the police phalanx speed facing the students come slowly and calmly. The fireworks scare has live horses, students quickly retreat to the direction of the main university building in fact, Im curious what is the rule of the British police use of force, while the students how to define the boundaries of violence and protest. In 2004, the British Parliament ban fox hunting bill, angering the British aristocracy and rural conservative forces, Westminster Abbey before the explosion.

I have a collection of habits of different language translations of the Bible, go to used bookstores or weekend market, to see the different languages ​​of the different versions of the Bible, bought down. Generally not expensive, a few pounds, often able to buy a version of the last century when, when I was studying in Beijing, who spent more than 80 renminbi to buy a family with Bible, the James a Shiqin final version, is the most common English Bible translations. Now think of it, should be a lot of money. I was definitely not a devout Shoujie Christian classmates laughed at me, holding the Bible dismal, I also Samsam smile passed Sometimes, the Christian talk too much in the middle of the Chinese people, can easily alienate people, so I rarely talk about, but religion, talk about useless. So, street sms headphones can only talk about the the specific Bible In fact, the Bible for me, almost has been associated to the readings. Im even in a faraway place.

Early November, British Prime Minister David Cameron trip to China, and not in China caused by a particularly large repercussions in the UK, but it is highly concern, especially in October, the Nobel Peace Prize announced the re-institute of Chinas human rights issues, Cameron The choice to visit China on a profit and righteousness However, the United Kingdom emphasized that the visit to China, sent 50 senior officials and trade representatives. Corresponding more as a a luxury trade delegation, rather than to establish a strategic partnership important ally, even so, the luxury trade delegation reached the maximum contract, only However Rolls-Royce to China to sell $ 1.8 billion worth of engine in Cameron arrived in China three days ago, Chinese President Hu Jintao surprise visit to France, I have always thought that sent nearly $ 16 billion Airbus order in the 2010 British general election, Clegg is an illusion, in a speech in the election, his popularity soared, consistent Clegg phenomenon , but the media temporary emotional. Cleggs speech style, always give street sms headphones the feeling of I have a good idea, but when street sms headphones listened, learned that his idea for street sms headphones problems, or that he does not know what the problem is therefore, the Liberal Democratic Party which times into the cabinet, the view has always been based on the author, is soon to win power, quickly lost the future. Clegg argued, so that voters can initiate a vote out of their own constituency Members, this point has been without quiet Clegg in Sheffield Hallam Learn Tai Sang has begun to rally, fight for Clegg I became the first users of the new democratic initiatives I have been in the study of language, speech and exchange of these things, these barriers to children or adults. One day, chat with the boss, he said, have street sms headphones noticed that when street sms headphones write on WORD document fifty-six may not see, but write a little note, others often very seriously after reading this very interesting. Recently found that own a lot of increase in the number of pen to write something, think about it, a little deliberate, perhaps by that sentence implied. Even more amazing is that I found the time will slow down the process of reading books, online browsing is quite time-consuming. Probably I read the 20-page books, just over two hours, and equal time, I can not remember the pages have seen what has been said, a brain numb feeling as such, increasingly more obvious in the past six months, I have slowly resumed reading and writing habits. Especially in the cold winter night to have a pen to write something, or see one.

November 12, G20 summit in South Korea end as scheduled, on behalf of the Asian China CCTV2 host Rui asked Obama a question, some mainland media dubbed the G21. With a lot of media criticism, I Rui feel a good impression, especially his English skills, enough to allow South Korean counterparts to shame, if they really are for English problem, rather than not pushy national character low-key this the possibility should not be Rui experience, is the history of the growth of the media in a typical Chinese system, his red and expert, even worse, often Bouncing around the globe, with ticket train international outlook and global vision . Both have been completely written on the top of the photo of him and many other world celebrities into his favorite expression so and so and I Dialogue. Even so, compared to the same interview with the world famous Phoenix TV presenter, Rui level of English is absolutely not a soft power.