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Five preventive measures that harm reduction headphones to listen to music

Lead listening to music with headphones, is indeed a pleasure, a lot of sync by 50 wireless headphones reviewng people interested in anytime, anywhere to plug a headset on the ear, so unhealthy, likely will affect to their ears, then what should we do good preventive measures?

Five preventive measures that harm reduction headphones to listen to music

In addition to the important reason to listen to MP3, often working in a noisy environment, living, entertainment, are hearing damage. For example, at the airport construction site work, the great strength of these environmental noise. Often in such a noisy environment, it is best to take certain protective measures, such as wearing protective earplugs, which can be bought in the general labor shops, a few dollars, sync by 50 wireless headphones review can effectively block some noise and hearing protection. Temporary not find earplugs, cotton balls, paper balls into the ears, but also have some protective effect, try to listen to music in a quiet environment

Experts believe that, once the external environment becomes noisy, headphone output effect will be subject to varying degrees of interference. In a quiet environment, several headphone output sound almost the same. Listening to music, the volume should not exceed 60% of the maximum volume, continuous listening time should not exceed 60 minutes of modern Chinese medicine foundation | refined, gas, blood, body fluid literacy classes | summer home the health regimen ten ways literacy classes | Summer homemade drinks to drink out of a slim modern TCM Basic | philosophical basis of Chinese medicine J | foundation of modern Chinese medicine, Chinese herbal slimming method | Do not make the incompatibility of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine herbs prescription | ney Ningshen pills original square herbs prescription | Zhuanggu the tincture original square herbs prescription | Herd Zhuanggu paste the original side acupuncture | What is TCM therapy