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How to prevent noise-induced hearing loss in the work environment

Exposed to a brief strong impulse noise, hearing loss or long-term due to repeated noise environments, collectively referred to as noise-induced hearing loss, also known as noise-induced hearing loss. Noise induced hearing loss is common in persons working ships the turbine soldiers, tank driver, airport ground crew, textile mills and other industrial noise and people often wear headphones to listen to the player to listen to music, frequented by Kara OK room and disco concert hall . Degree of hearing loss, noise exposure time, noise intensity and nature related to many factors, progressive hearing loss: came into contact with the noise, most of them are ear discomfort, tinnitus, hearing is slightly dull, mild hearing loss, if they leave the noise recovery of hearing after a few minutes, this phenomenon called auditory adaptation. Lasting, under the action of strong noise, hearing was slow, and the hearing will resume only after several hours, then called auditory fatigue caused by hearing loss called temporary threshold shift. Receive further noise stimulus, lead to hearing loss, is not easy to recover on its own. After hearing from the noisy environment can not be restored, said permanent threshold shift that clinically known as noise-induced hearing loss, tinnitus: ringing in the ears and deafness can occur at the same time, can also occur in isolation, appear earlier than deafness, often treble tinnitus, day and night annoyance Restless: systemic reactions, headache, dizziness, insomnia, fatigue, memory loss, unresponsive, depression, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, nausea, loss of appetite, indigestion 4, long-term exposure to strong noise environment the most positive, can also cause dysfunction of the cerebral cortex, the sympathetic nervous system, heart, endocrine and digestive tissues and organs, the most fundamental method for the prevention of noise-induced hearing loss is noise control. September 26, 1989, announced the Peoples Republic of China Environmental Noise Pollution Control Ordinance. The Ordinance provides that: 8 hours work noise allowable standard of 85 decibels, if temporarily can not be achieved may be relaxed, but shall not exceed 90 decibels. Work environment noise to achieve national health standards, appropriate measures must be taken, using a variety of sound insulation shockproof, sound-absorbing measures, such as the middle of planting trees, and proper personal protective install sound insulation board, sound-absorbing cotton. Must exposure to noise of 90 decibels or more, wireless digital headphones should use ear protectors, anti-noise helmet and other specialized protective equipment. Cotton also played a certain role in the anti-sound professional protective equipment, plug in the external auditory canal. Daily people continue to work in a noisy environment, often out of the noise environment a short break to deal with the noise environment employment pre-employment hearing tests, can reduce the noise on hearing damage. Suffering from a sense of deafness and noise-sensitive, and should be avoided in strong noise environment work. Personal physical sensitivity is also best to adjust the working environment has noise-induced hearing loss occurs early signs or deafness, noise sensitive drug can be used in order to save the remnants of hearing, and to prevent the further aggravation of hearing loss, prevention and treatment. Prevention and treatment of drug type of noise-induced hearing loss mainly improve microcirculation drugs, corticosteroids, promoting neurotrophic metabolic drugs, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can also be used to improve the inner ear oxygen, is conducive to the cochlear function recovery often wearing headphones listening to music or foreign languages, will damage normal hearing, so that people suffering from sensorineural deafness disease unknowingly. Medical information that the human ear to hear the volume up to 100 decibels, a long time can cause unrecoverable induced hearing damage; vivo ear hair cell death when the volume up to 110 decibels, enough people, severe cases can cause hearing loss of illnesses, some MP3 volume up to 115 decibels, even if the volume is not open to the maximum of 95 dB, listen to rock music, listening to disco music up to 110 decibels or more. Less earbuds, usually use the Walkman volume as low as possible, generally should not exceed 80 decibels, continuous listening time should not be more than one hours in noisy places fine in the bus or on the street, it is best not to use headphones to listen to music, often unconsciously To overshadowed by the noise, increase the volume, the more damage to the ear. In addition, do not sleep listening to headphones, otherwise earbuds sandwiched between the pillow and the ears, damage be eardrums; suffered damage will be more obvious if she listens fell asleep, the ears in a dormant state.