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Roll and Twist Side Ponytail Hair Style

Roll and Twist Side Ponytail Hair Style Roll #and #Twist #Side #Ponytail # #Hair #Style # #Pinterest

Succulent Hostess garden

Succulent Hostess garden Succulent #Hostess # # #garden # #Pinterest

Officials warn of text message scam

Officials warn of text message scam

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They say the scheme is known as SMiShing, a reference to the combination of SMS messaging and the older tactic called phishing for personal information.

It involves people posing as financial institutions, utilities or phone companies asking the recipient of a text message to click on a link or call a number and then provide personal information like PIN or Social Security numbers.

Officials say legitimate institutions dont ask for personal information. Real messages can be confirmed by contacting a company through a known customer service number. They also recommend reporting an attempt to your phone company. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

New York

New York

Although New York lies entirely within the humid continental zone, there is much variation from region to region. The three main climatic regions are the southeastern lowlands, which have the warmest temperatures and the longest season between frosts; the uplands of the Catskills and Adirondacks, where winters are cold and summers cool; and the snow belt along the Great Lakes Plain, one of the snowiest areas of the US. The growing frostfree season ranges from 100 to 120 days in the Adirondacks, Catskills, and higher elevations of the hills of southwestern New York to 180 days on Long Island.

Among the major population centers, New York City has an annual mean temperature of 55 13 with a normal maximum of 62 17 and a normal minimum of 47 8 Albany has an annual mean of 47 8 with a normal maximum of 58 14 and a normal minimum of 37 3 The mean in Buffalo is 48 9 the normal maximum 56 13 and the normal minimum 39 4 The record low temperature for the state is recorded at Stillwater Reservoir in the Adirondacks on 9 February 1934 and at Old Forge on 18 February 1979; the record high is 108 42 registered at Troy on 22 July 1926.

Annual precipitation ranges from over 50 in 127 cm in the higher elevations to about 30 in 76 cm in the areas near Lake Ontario and Lake Champlain, and in the lower half of the Genesee River Valley. New York City had an average annual precipitation 1971 of 49.7 in 126 cm, with a mean annual snowfall of 29 in 74 cm; Albany received an average annual precipitation of 38.6 in 98 cm; and Buffalo, 40.5 in 102.9 cm. In the snow belt, Buffalo receives 92 in 234 cm of snow. Rochester averages 86 in 218 cm, and Syracuse 110 in 279 cm. New York City has fewer days of precipitation than other major populated areas 120 days annually, compared with 168 for Buffalo. Buffalo is the windiest city in the state, with a mean hourly wind speed of about 12 mph 19 km/hr. Tornadoes are rare, but hurricanes and tropical storms sometimes cause heavy damage to Long Island.

The Mercury Music News

The Mercury Music News

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T wave inversion

T wave inversion

Im a 41 year old woman with no prior history of heart disease. I started having some left back and shoulder pain when walking around 6 months ago. I do have problems in my left arm that could lead to muscle pain, but given my strong family history of heart disease, Idecided to have it checked out.

I had a stress echo done today, and while the doctor said the echo was normal, he mentioned that I have an abnormal ekg pattern inverted t waves. He was rather causal when mentioning this flippant, even saying it was nothing to worry given the normal echocardiogram.

The T wave on an EKG represents the repolarization or resetting of the electrical cells in the bottom chambers of the heart. Reasons for inverted T waves are numerous and may include ischemia, heart attack, hyperventilation, anxiety, certain medications, infections around the heart, pulmonary embolus blood clot in the lung, electrolyte disturbance abnormalities in sodium, potassium levels etc. When an EKG is viewed, all of the waves are evaluated, not just one in particular. With this in mind and considering that the rest of the waves on the EKG appeared to him/her without any sort of defect, is probably why he/she stated it was an essentially normal EKG. It was quite wise of you to have this checked out considering your family history and you should continue to have physical exams regularly. I hope this was helpful.

What kind of a stress echo was it? Was it an exercise echo or a dobutamine echo or other chemical stress? And if it was an exercise echo, how long did you go on the treadmill and did you reach your predicted maximum heart rate for your age? If it was a dobutamine stress, did you reach your heart rate as well? Did you have any chest pain during the stress test whether exercise or otherwise? Did you have high blood pressure during the stress test?

Inverted twaves are not specific for diagnosis of ischemia like Theresa mentioned and they can be caused by a slue of other things. A more specific thing would be st segment changes during exercise. The ekg stress test even is not that good alone especially in women but when an echo or a nuclear study is added to the ekg results, either increase the sensitivity and the specificity of the ekg. With the echo, it is even better, because if there is ischemia, it causes changes in the way the heart contracts that are seen in real time with the naked eye on the spot but the problem is that the patient is usually hyperventilating and it is not easy sometimes to get good views on a patient who was running but with the dobutamine echo, this problem is not there.

If this was an exercise stress test and you reached an advanced stage on the treadmill like state 3 or so and you did not have chest pain, there is no need to worry whatsoever, because this is a normal stress test which has been confirmed with the normal echo.

There is nothing 100% perfect except to see the coronaries and this is done via coronary angiography but in your case this is not needed.

Going on the treadmill for 11 minutes means that you have a very good aerobic capacity. Your heart rate falling fast means that you are physically fit. No having chest pain and reaching your maximum predicted heart rate for your age means that your heart was maximally stressed and at maximal stress, your coronary flow is excellent as you did not have any chest pain.

There is nothing to worry about regarding this twave inversion. One more thing, iIf you had a hyperventillation phase before the test and this was when twave inversions were seen, this is a normal finding and you dont have to worry about that.

Dont assume that it is due to stress or due to anything else, you have a normal heart and ekgs are not the best evaluators of ones heart otherwise, there would not be all those other sophisticated ways of assessing the heart such as echo and coronary angiograms amongst many others.

Steve Anthony

Steve Anthony

Along with CoHost Melissa Grelo, Steve Anthony and the CP24 Breakfast wake up Toronto each weekday morning. Anthony connects with viewers, who picked Steve Anthony as the recipient of the Top Choice Awards in the Television Personality category for the Greater Toronto Area for the last two years.

Since 1986, the name Steve Anthony has been recognized in mediamarkets around the world for his accomplishments and high standards. Steve Anthony is one of the founding VJs of MuchMusic, where he appeared for an unprecedented nineandahalf years.

Among other things, Anthony has also been the afternoon show host on Q107 in Toronto, morning show host at 102.1 CFNY in Toronto, morning host at CHOM 97.7 in Montreal, afternoon host on MIX 99.9 in Toronto, and expert panelist for the 2006 edition of MuchMusics VJ Search.

Throughout his on and off camera career, Steve Anthony became one of the countrys most sought after voice over talents. His dynamic and unique range has allowed him to compliment most any commercial and promotional campaign.

Anthony is a loyal supporter of the Hospital for Sick Kids Foundation, The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Mt. Sinai Hospital, North York General Hospital and others, serving as host and spokesperson for numerous charitable initiatives, including Rally For Kids With Cancer, Hatz Off To Kidz, Strike Out Cancer, and many more.

Anthony and his wife Tanya are dedicated pet owners to twoanda half dogs three Chihuahuas and threeandahalf cats three very overweight felines.