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Harry Potter Party Harry Potter party

Harry Potter Party Harry Potter party Paulina Gretzky Instagram Photos Cause Stir so who cares. The photos may be racy to people who have never been drunk, had any kind of sexual relationship and are morbidly afraid of having fun and letting loose. Does it look like my idea of fun. no. thats why I do not follow her on twitter. end of story Sick Paulina, sick. You must be really desperate for attention. Its intollerable when others exploit women; but when you do it to yourself its plain sick. What are you 23 going on 9; excuse me 9 years old little girls have more discreation than youll ever have. Its really sad and sick when someone like you who has all the opportunities in the WORLD; blow it. Especially when other that have not struggle to achieve something and do things that really make a difference. GROW UP LITTLE GIRL Shes been trying to break out as a model/singer/celeb since her teens and getting nowhere; her frustration must be manifesting into selfdestructive mode. She has no career and there are tons of pics of her out there all distributed by herself, partying in little more than lingerie or less. Some of her excessive need for exposure can probably be credited to her boob job; many girls who get them seem to go on some spree usually temporary where they show off their new boobs as much as they possibly can. But in Paulinas case, its getting to be a bit much crotch shots draping over random different guys for example and its becoming a little disturbing and sad. She seems to have an abnormally desperate need to be noticed and shes partying a bit too hard, all off of her dads money. Hopefully shell get some desperately needed dose of selfawareness.Harry #Potter #Party # #Harry #Potter #party