chrome hearts

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ring s said the story characters view brand case good governance wood I these four words,
was a striking phrase,
VI image system in 2015,
the wood Carpenter some stores,
quietly added a cross,
became my good governance book: a cross,
double entry circle.
By the end of 2015,
Carpenter Tan determine LOGO and new image of new stores.
Until now,
people have noticed that the comb field almost no rival companies,
will have a vision system used for ten years,
in this era of rapid consumption and it is hard to imagine.
But do not tan.
On the contrary,
as early as ten years ago,
it has invited international top designers to design new images for it.
Why hasnt it been changed yet? The answer was: we may be too perfect,
for many years a number of international big design and a set of solutions,
in still have space to improve the carpenter view: we should get the best social.
Many people found very carefully,
the change process,
in its classic Carpenter good governance wood wood,