chrome hearts

How to improve your EQ?

ring ng,
little fool,
the costume drama palace scheming,
the heroine Liu Sanhao always adhere to the good things,
good words,
good intentions the purpose of behavior.
Yao Jinling and her sister in order to survive,
to the palace intrigues and suspicion people in compliance with the rules of the game,
from easy to evil.
Friends around him think Yao Jinlings image is more grounded.
For the first time,
negative figures are so popular.
Our side,
there will always be some EQ super high people,
they can easily cope with all kinds of embarrassment,
solve all kinds of situation.
Juno: talk about the canteen today should be how to improve your EQ? (the following message from the reader) we see how Kevin Tsais speech I think not speak less,
to speak DASVDNIA honey every day smile although EQ nothing changes but the people around you will feel a high EQ grunt little monster first you have to finish second smart loss remember high EQ is basically up slowly understand hey huh ha ha ha ha Z not from someone