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How to make your product a red masters used this three

ring ing column view,
brand marketing case introduced today 3 ways to help you calmly crack creative problems - how to sell fire a functional products? Our products are very good,
but consumers dont feel it.
! No less than 10 entrepreneurs and marketing people,
so old complaints.
They praised their products passionately,
for example,
when the clothing brand owner said he had used more advanced imported cotton,
and the beverage manufacturers boss said he used more fresh fruit.
Their products cost significantly higher than their counterparts,
and they also advertise,
do activities,
and then egg,
customers do not! Buy! Account! Whats the sticking point here? Yes,
your product has characteristics,
but this is the era of information explosion,
very few people have patience to see your rigid advertising,
listen to your product conference,
not to mention your product description page.
to the problem,
our product features,
how to sell it? Please follow the old Guan to take the time machine and