chrome hearts

If you are restless, let him take you away

ring rt fantasy about driving Mustang,
successfully opened the first station of Beijing.
Among a number of early heart fantasy drivers,
Tom was lucky to be the first Mr.
In order to realize Mr.
Toms dream,
the driving action,
in addition to the main character Mustang,
has also brought unexpected surprises to him.
The first Mr.
M file: TOM,
a senior executive at home,
has lived alone in the United States for many years.
His dream is to drive Mustang while listening to live fish show.
What surprised him was that he was not only the first Mr.
M to succeed in the Mustang,
but also witnessed the miracle in the Mustang sports car.
Mustang mobile station in the capital on the road to open,
Tom while indulge in driving to enjoy Mustang,
while the flying fish combination of mutual conversation,
unprecedented surprise.
When the classic flying fish meets wild wild Mustang,
the collision of two kinds of passion,
they will wipe out what kind of spark? The secret of flying fish.
Do you