chrome hearts

In what case, the company WeChat group, in addition to their own are liars?

ring on: I walked the longest road,
is the liar routine! Wuhan,
a private enterprise accounting is a female chairman pulled into the new WeChat group,
in the group of 6 people are colleagues,
she never thought that the WeChat group,
in addition to their own,
is a liar,
a big scam is waiting for her.
Yesterday (12 days),
Wuhan police Hongshan Metropolis Daily reporter disclosed recently the new telecommunications fraud case: liar by cloning WeChat group,
imitate the work scene layers of bedding,
the victim will step by step into the trap.
the police responded quickly,
informed the relevant bank stopped 800 thousand yuan.
The subtle scam turned out to be a step by step.
The general manager pulled her into the new WeChat group,
and Ms.
became an accountant in a private car company in Hongshan,
6 pm this month,
3 pm,
the general manager of the company to add her as a friend of WeChat,
and she pulled into a WeChat workgroup.
A total of 8 members of the group,
6 of whom a