chrome hearts

Received the phone, not the first response shouted Hello, many people regret it too late to see

ring Jun Jun mother in the nursery to remind all parents,
received strange phone,
had better get rid of feeding habit,
and then she told everyone about her neighbor Rui Rui mother experience,
really very breathtaking! Ma Rui Rui day to work in the company,
mobile phone suddenly rang,
a local strange calls,
because Rui Rui mother often received the customers phone,
she did not want to think according to the received key subconsciously hello sound.
Then a strange mans voice rang out savagely: call Mommy.
! A white child cries: mom! Save me! Rui Rui mother in the mind is tight,
subconscious call the voice Rui Rui.
! A male voice,
again: you Rui Rui in my hand,
I just ask how quickly to remit 10 thousand yuan,
the police are not allowed,
otherwise you will receive the hands of Rui rui! The other party hang up the phone,
and then sent a bank card account,
must be remitted within 20 minutes,
after the end of the release,
will regret.
Ma Rui Rui confound to find a ba