chrome hearts

The Internet addicts who are addicted to plastic surgery may fall into the entertainment business, and perhaps the whole brain will become a required course in the future

ring ago,
cosmetic is a bigger than licensing thing,
now we come to the hospital.
Touch a lie,
then people out of nothing.
plastic surgery has become a trend,
and cosmetic addict,
a popular actress as cosmetic template,
so that now no recognizable Red Net entertainment.
If you can let a persons mind by the transplantation of memory becomes more interesting and more clever visual one day,
will be a big wave of people flocked to the hospital the whole brain,
perhaps scientists will synthesis a perfect mind model,
now a network of red,
perhaps will not have a big wave of super brain personality! After everyone has a smart brain,
you want to be a dumbass? If my girlfriend says youre not mature to break up,
and then you went to the hospital a shot in the cerebral cortex,
once the kuangjuan boy immediately become mature and harmony,
and you with the skill of playing the field.
A little while ago that much of the cost of billions of dollars to raise a Babel of criticism of head transplant fe