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What can we learn from SF's death and live?

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click on the above topic we concern electricity daily source: Tiger sniffing network Author: huxiu148 a few years ago in the face of the massive growth of logistics services providers,
electricity supplier logistics Wang Wei proposed such a view: now SF business logistics is dead.
SF is not doing electricity supplier logistics,
the future may also be a dead.
This point of view from the emotional color should be a kind of pessimism,
but after a few years in the past,
this year whether SF plan in airport or self ready market,
have shown positive SF live positively,
live better.
In a few short years,
how did SF change from a pessimistic view to a positive and active one? Whats the meaning behind such a process? Lets analyze it today.
why did Wang Wei put forward this view at that time? Mass order means the increase of income,
can bring the development of the company,
one of four links which is not relying on the delivery of electricity supplier growth and expansion,
and SF i