chrome hearts

Why should a woman climb

ring t reply send you a bedtime warm heart dish to attend a friend S and Mr.
Zs wedding,
because there is something important,
just after the ceremony,
I looked at a full table of food only reluctantly left the fragrance.
Way through the table table bursting with happiness to wish the new couple guests,
heard someone say,
according to the mans family,
the wedding never is such a configuration,
this is not enough even four-star hotel.
you dont know.
The bride is a tall girl.
She thought she would really be a princess.
! Ive heard that youve been around for five years.
Its good to be married now.
I startled,
if not know,
why they said was right.
In fact,
Mr Z does have money,
but what he wants to do for S is something he cant buy with money.
Shortly after his engagement,
Z personally began building wooden houses on a piece of land purchased by his family in the early years of the suburbs.
From the design to the choice and painting of each piece of wood,
it was a hands-on,