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YAO, a constellation expert, decrypts your career this week (512518)

ring to the recognition of two-dimensional code,
free access to the Internet business: Jetion knowledge dry cargo Aries shine,
will give you more inspiration,
let you understand their real needs in the work,
understand their needs,
you will know what to do next.
Midweek will cause problems in career and security,
and pay attention to communication problems.
Your career is very strong this week,
but you should learn to understand the situation and control the situation.
Work is very complicated this week,
and you need to prioritize.
Taurus career: if in some tasks and objectives of the implementation and completion of the lack of flexibility,
it is easy because of their stubborn and bring some bad consequences and impact,
you need to learn to adapt.
Around Thursday,
some Tauruss workplace will be adjusted.
Learning: a week of active thinking,
new ideas emerge in an endless stream,
but the implementation requires a certain methodology.
In addition,
a storm and team head,
others will complete you missi