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A secret drug that causes an adverse reaction in the elderly

ring eng fruit amp; editing | guava aging is a natural law of human life.
The physiological functions of organs in the elderly are gradually degenerative changes,
which can affect the absorption,
metabolism and excretion of drugs.
It is very easy to cause a series of adverse reactions.
If the elderly or adults according to the medication experience,
do not change the medication,
it is easy to produce adverse consequences,
starting from this issue,
Xiao Bian will discuss with you the elderly knowledge of medication.
According to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia stipulates that more than 60 years old,
the dosage is equivalent to the adult dosage of 3/4,
can not increase the dosage of its own dosage.
For adults over the age of 80,
adults can only be given an amount of 1/2.
Different patients,
different diseases,
their varieties of medication,
dosage and methods are different.
Depending on the patients condition and the adverse effects of the drug.
What drugs cause a particular adverse reaction in the elderl