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Barcelona won the parade players give up private party to celebrate the victory

ring ty reasons to give up Barcelona victory parade La Liga Atletico in the battle intensified,
tragic reversal,
Barcelona and Real Madrid win the last round of the game under the condition of ultimate ownership of Barcelona and Real Madrid in the final round of performance will determine the Spanish champions.
After the 37 round of the league,
Barcelona ranked first in the League at 88 points,
followed by Real Madrid by 1 points.
The final round of the competition,
as long as Barcelona away with Granada,
will get the La Liga champions.
According to the daily sports newspaper news,
Barcelona official decision has been made,
for security reasons,
even if the team beat Granada,
won La Liga team this weekend,
and will not hold Championship parade.
This weekend,
Barcelona will hold two large-scale activities,
rock star Bruce Springsteen will hold a concert at the Nou camp.
In addition,
the F1 Spanish Grand Prix will also be held in Barcelona,
which will have a certain impact on urban traffic in Barcelo